Internal Gains: Self-Care Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Katie Conroy July 15, 2022

    When you're caring for a business, there isn't always much time to spend caring for yourself. It's important, however, that you balance the daily grind with a focus on self-care, or else risk burning out - here are a few key strategies to integrate into your daily routine.



    Understandably, you may not feel like going for a jog immediately after a hard day of working but exercise is crucial for stress relief and is found to improve your energy levels in the aggregate. If you're out of shape or practice, start with some light activities such as long-distance walking or jumping jacks. You can then move on to more intensive methods such as sprinting or team sports.


    Breathing Techniques

    It's important to control your heart rate during the entrepreneurial journey as a benefit for both physical and mental health. A great, free, low-effort means to do this is with breathing techniques. The right method can have a profound impact on your physiology as well as help you to gain mastery over workplace stress and anxiety.


    Business Tools

    When you're navigating the business world, utilizing technology is crucial for freeing up time and reducing the banality of tasks. For example, you can edit a PDF online with a free PDF editor - this is a great way to save time as you can add text, sticky notes, highlights, drawings, and more to your files, thus specifying suggestions without having to send a complicated/lengthy email. There are also plenty of project management/time-saving apps to help you stay on task and waste as little time as possible.



    A balanced diet can help to give you more focus, energy, and alertness throughout the working week but the act of cooking is also, in itself, a great method for stress relief. Take some time to cultivate a list of homemade recipes that make use of fresh food. Specifically, try to integrate high-quality proteins, probiotics, and magnesium.


    Plant Care

    During the pandemic, home plant care emerged as a burgeoning new trend. This might not be a coincidence as science shows a clear, positive correlation between owning, tending to, or being around plants and reductions in stress and anxiety. If you haven't already, try introducing some new foliage into your home working space - there are plenty of species that are easy to care for, such as devil's ivy or aloe vera, that also contain health properties.


    Business Structure

    Sometimes, our stress relates less to the work itself and more to the structure of the work. Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), for example, can be essential as a way to cut down on paperwork, benefit from tax advantages and reduce your personal liability. You can often avoid hefty lawyer fees by enlisting a formation service - these can also help you to navigate the various state regulations involved when forming.

    Entrepreneurship often feels like a balancing act - just remember, one of the things to be included in that balance is your own health and wellbeing. With time set aside and the right methods, you'll feel better about yourself and see the benefits reflected in your work.



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