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How to Write Your Own Affirmations

Jessica Baker May 21, 2021

Affirmations, or mantras, are short sentences that are used to focus on your goals and beliefs and are said repeatedly. Affirmations are a great way to help refocus your attention on what you seek in your life and affirm your achievements. If you are struggling with challenges, writing out affirmations can bring insight into your life and provide perspective of what you should be working towards. 

Affirmations are based on the law of attraction theory. This belief affirms the idea that your thoughts will become your reality. If you train your brain to envision your goals and what you truly seek, with opportunities and choices you will see them come through in your life. In combination with a positive mindset, you must believe you will succeed in reaching your goals.

Developing your affirmations can take time and focus, but it is a highly beneficial habit to take with you throughout your life. If you are not sure of where to start with writing your own affirmations and need help narrowing down your focus, here are some tips that will help guide you through the process.


1: Start with a clear mind:

It is best to clear your mind of any loose thoughts and calm your mind before writing out your affirmations. Pick a time that will be free for you to sit down for a while and strictly focus on your writings. It is also a great idea to go to a place where you feel most comfortable, like somewhere outside or sitting in your bed. To really set the mood, you can also play calming music in the background, light a scented candle, or burn some essential oils. Research has shown that playing music or sounds with a frequency of 528 Hz can improve your mood and calm your mind.

2: Get your paper ready:

Take out a piece of paper or journal that you will use only for writing out your affirmations. If you want to have your affirmations more mobile, you can even jot them down in the notes of your phone that you can easily pull up at a time of need. If you need a bit more structure for writing, use this affirmation worksheet. It provides space to not only reflect on your goals and thoughts but also to refine what you are seeking in your life. You can always use the worksheet as a jump-off point for brainstorming your affirmations before narrowing down your focus.



3: Begin writing your affirmations:

It can take some time to decipher what your affirmations will be. A key element to affirmations is that they should withhold some form of emotion, whether that be inspiration, love, or frustration. Your past and present will affect your future, which should be reflected in your affirmations. Affirmations can deal with different aspects of your life, whether that be financial, relationships, career, or opportunities. Think about where you are in your life, how you see it going forward as you are currently living it, and where you truly want it to go.

4: Repeat your affirmations:

Once you have written out your affirmations and narrowed them down to the most significant, you want to repeat them multiple times to yourself. You can either say them out loud to yourself in the mirror or think of them in your head. Once you feel steady after repeating them, then take multiple deep breaths and push them out of your thoughts. Affirmations are important to keep in your mind but do not let them overwhelm your thoughts throughout the day.

5: Repeat, again:

There is no marker on how many times you need to repeat your affirmations and how often you read them. Reading them can be a great addition to your morning routine when you just wake up or when you are settling down before bedtime.You can also finish your affirmation session by trying a short breathing exercise or a few yoga stretches to calm your body and mind. Your affirmations may change as your life changes. Reset at the beginning of every month with a writing session to develop new affirmations to use.

 Your affirmations are a starting point to a positive outlook, but it’s important to continue building on your mindset to achieve the most benefits. 

  • Maintain an abundance mindset: The point of using mantras is to help guide you through your challenges and achievements but needs to be paired with an abundance mindset to find success. An abundance mindset is simply focusing on the good in life and finding gratitude in where you are and where you plan to go. Remaining thankful for what you have now will allow you to be thankful for what has yet to come.
  • Surround yourself with positivity: Spreading positivity in your life always increases your chances of receiving positive results back. Surround yourself with people that want you to succeed and reach your goals. These kinds of people will celebrate your achievements alongside you. Remove any negativity in your life that could block you from seeing your affirmations play out, whether this be a toxic environment or people that are in your life.


Affirmations are just one way to help develop a positive mindset and build your belief system. Journaling your thoughts daily can push you to become the best version of yourself and teach you on what you need to work on. Remember, opportunities do not always just come to you. You have to seek out opportunities that will move you towards your goals and that build off of your affirmations.


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Jessica BakerAuthor bio: Jessica Baker is a Content Marketing Specialist for Siege Media. Prior to Siege, Jessica worked as an independent marketing consultant while traveling full-time. You can read more about Jessica HERE