How to Write In Your Journal to Improve Yourself and Achieve Your Goals

    1 - How to Improve Yourself Through Journaling
    Lori Wade May 15, 2018
    1 - How to Improve Yourself Through Journaling

    Discover the essentials of writing in your journal; learn more about self-motivation and how to achieve your goals through extreme clarity!

    A great way to improve a person on an individual level and motivate them to greater achievement of particular goals happens to be writing journals. Writing the journals on a daily basis manages to keep a person together in one piece. It happens to be the centre for mental creation, which is an essential element for the purpose of betterment in life. Plus, stats show that less than 10% of the people keep a journal.

    Some of the best uses of journals are:

    • Identifying your inner self;
    • Bringing yourself closer to the goals and ideas;
    • Helping in the formation of strategies and tactics to reach those goals;
    • Quietly acknowledging the impact of external factors when it comes to achieving those goals.

    All these factors combine to produce a great journal. A person has to stick with a regular routine when it comes to writing these journals, which not only are a collection of your insights but they can also be a place where ideas are born. 

    Getting the Space to Recover and Refresh IdeasGetting Space to Recover through Journaling

    The key process that begins a successful workout is allowing enough time and space to recover. The recovery becomes crucial in developing fitness, as it would help reap the rewards of a workout. Most of the people making the mistake of going all-in to the workout schedule without providing sufficient time to recover. Similarly, the process of rest and recovery is absolutely important for our mind to come up with space for new ideas. Most people make the mistake of thinking that being busy makes them highly productive, but it happens to be the opposite.

    The process of systematic productivity is much more beneficial to an individual, rather than just being busy all the time. Even though we have three meals per day, our body needs sufficient time to rest and recover to digest the food. This time is given in the form of a fasting, which is provided by the time gap between the dinner in the present day to the breakfast in the next day.

    When the mind relaxes, new ideas and insights can pop up and they can go a long way in making our lives better. To bring about clarity to our daily life, it is essential to follow the schedule of successful people – carving out time from their busy schedule to refresh their minds.

    For example, Bill Gates usually takes a complete recovery from work and communication as it helped him recover and come up with new ideas for Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world. Now, these rest days can be crucial when it comes to writing a journal. 

    Writing a Journal 

    The key step before starting to write is to set up a dedicated environment where the person will only get positive emotions through the form of recovery, visualization, and even learning. Meditation and prayer can help bring about the mood required for writing journals. The commonly held belief is that meditation is to stop our brain from thinking and enter into a period of rest. However, it is quite the opposite as meditation requires a lot of experience and skil

    l to bring the mind into a concentrated place.

    There are very few things that can be used to keep a person motivated through the process of writing a journal. They are:

    Gratitude towards everything that has happened in life. It is possible to reflect on these elements, primarily relationships, and write about things that have mattered all through the years of existence. This helps in providing a self-realization about the journey to this stage. It is also possible to bring in certain specific elements like incidents that have changed the course of life.

    Honest opinions no matter a lot when it comes to writing a journal. Such honest opinions will be vital in helping the journal to become a tool and motivation towards achieving the objectives. It is necessary to write down elements like frustrations and the difficulties that have been affecting a person throughout life. A key part of a journal is that it is not written for others to read. Instead, it is our content that is being written for bringing one’s own priority and focus back to their objectives. Hence, it is vital, to be honest in this critical scenario.

    Describing the dream in words. Visualising the dream and making it into words can be quite a tough entity, but mastering this section can lead to the journal being quite influential in life. Some of the key elements that need to be described on the long-term and short-term goals. The former takes place over a period of five years or even 15; the latter is meant to signify goals that are within a period of just 12 months. Being able to visualize these elements can help go a long way into making the journal extremely good. This can come in handy during a number of situations. For example, a college degree may be a goal but visualization can help transform the way this degree is used for the betterment of life.

    Journaling Ritual

    Confining to a Ritual

    The process of writing down a journal can be quite a cumbersome one if a daily schedule is not allocated to the same. This is a committed task that can be quite effective in our daily life. A person needs to disconnect from every task and put him or her into writing the journal to achieve maximum effectiveness. The key towards starting a journal section is to locate a recovery session as mentioned above. It is vital to stay away from all forms of communication media to avoid distractions.

    The daily morning ritual can be quite effective in the world of writing journals. Most people begin their day in a ritual fashion which involves being sucked into the world of information through their smartphones – which may be through news, social media, or messaging apps. To come up with the perfect journal, a person needs to disconnect from such entities.

    It is not difficult to leave the things that have been an essential part of our daily life in the mornings. However, certain aspects of meditation and prayer can go a long way in helping people visualize content and write it down. A person needs to start writing down on a daily basis to cultivate a habit. However, one can find that several other activities become hundred times more effective and powerful when journaling becomes a habit.

    The key behind sticking with a ritual in the morning is to prioritize the important aspects. At this stage in the day, the mind is at its peak stake and will be able to operate at its best throughout the day once when it has been brought into a routine. The ha

    bit of morning Journal makes a lot of difference by getting the person out of survival mode. They will be able to enter into the next stages with confidence. The reason behind fitness being attributed to a morning activity is that it will be able to transform the entire day for the better. Similarly, creative projects like writing a journal can have the same impact.

    Just like how work out requires a warm-up in order to start going, writing a journal cannot be done out of the blue. The mind should be optimized and brought to a stable state, and this is where the processes of meditation and prayer come into effect. One should be quite conscious about spending too much time when it comes to writing journals, as only a 15-minute period should be allocated for this purpose.

    Setting Goals through Journaling

    Setting the Goals through Journals

    If a person wants to make a specific amount of money by a certain date, they should start the journal with this task in mind. One can motivate themselves for this task by coming up with daily routines and schedules that they need to meet in order to achieve the goal. This may even include setting goals for a specific week or month. Apart from laying down the process and schedule for the objective, it also helps in making a person better and sticks to the same.


    The process of writing a journal can be a powerful way to transfer the dreams onto the real life. While a person will be able to get the understanding that not everything is possible, they can also understand that many things are possible in life with proper planning and scheduling. Anyone serious about achieving a dream will be able to transfer those thoughts into a journal, which will then be a medium that gives instructions for daily routine and tasks that are essential to meeting the objective.

    The journal should include every aspect of ideas, thoughts, plans, strategies, and achievements. It is also advisable to write down any distractions so as to eliminate them. These distractions have the potential to be quite harmful towards achieving the goal. The journals will activate the subconscious mind and transform the person as a whole. What are your thoughts? Leave the comments below!

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