How To Turn Meditation Into An Everyday Habit

    Habits are what shape our personality and character. Unfortunately, it is very simple to acquire a bad habit, and it is very difficult to get rid of it. And it is very difficult to form and maintain healthy and proper habits, one of which is meditation. In this article, we will talk about how to turn meditation into a daily habit.

    Decide on Your Goal

    Meditation and yoga are the trends of recent years, and more and more ordinary people begin to use spiritual and physical practices in their daily lives. However, you need to think - why do you want to start meditating? If you, like everyone else, want to follow a fashion trend in order to have a new topic for discussion on social networks, then most likely this is not the best goal. Doing it because everyone is doing it is not the best motivation, and it is very likely that very soon you will find reasons to abandon this idea.

    Therefore, you need your personal and strong goal in order to begin to meditate daily. For example, your goal may be to reduce your stress level, develop a new opportunity to deal with external stimuli, self-knowledge, or just replace a bad habit with a useful one. For example, if you want to quit smoking, then meditation can be a good way to keep yourself from another cigarette. Thus, you will simply replace a bad habit with a good one, and this is not a bad goal.

    Make a Schedule and Specify the Time for Meditation

    If you are used to planning your day and writing down tasks that you need to complete, then you just need to add meditation to your daily task list. Thus, your brain will subconsciously perceive meditation as an important matter - since it will be on the list of important tasks planned for the day. This will help you turn meditation into a habit, most importantly - do not forget to write this task into your daily plan.

    By the way, this method is also suitable for you if you do not know how to disconnect and reboot during the day. Psychologists recommend recording the hour of rest and reloading in the daily plan so as not to be exhausted in the evening. Do the same with your habit of meditation, and even better - start your daily rest with this action.

    Create an Artificial Trigger

    If you once had to fight a bad habit, then you probably know that there is a certain factor that triggers it. For example, the habit of drinking alcohol on a Friday night or smoking a cigarette after each completed task. However, positive triggers are also possible. And your task is to find and launch them in order to develop a new habit of meditation. For example, if you follow the previous advice to write the habit of meditation in your daily plan, then all that remains for you is to connect this habit with a certain event, which is repeated every day.

    For example, you can set a goal to meditate every day, when the time is approaching the lunch break, or do it in the early morning, before completing the most difficult task scheduled for the day. And by the way, meditation helps you to gain new strength after you have coped with the most difficult task. At this moment, your thoughts will no longer slide to the question of how to complete this most difficult task and you will be able to fully concentrate on your inner world.

    Start With Two Minutes per Day

    The best way to start forming a habit is to start with small actions. Two minutes a day is not so much. Just try to live and breathe consciously for two minutes each day, and gradually increase your awareness time. When this habit begins to take shape, you will no longer feel that it is taking your time - it will just become part of your life.

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    Create a Victory Calendar

    Yes, it’s hard to form new habits. However, there is a way to make your journey easier. Every day, put yourself a plus sign when you followed your new habit and inspire yourself with these plus signs, the number of which is growing every day. At some point, when you see a whole series of pluses that you have earned by honest work, you simply do not want to break this trend - on the contrary, you will want to continue to put yourself more and more positive marks. This is a psychological trick, but it works and does not allow you to abandon your idea. Remember that a habit can only be developed through daily and consistent practice.

    Don't Break the Chain

    As we said, it is very important not to interrupt the chain of positive actions. Do not try to find excuses for yourself why today you can skip meditation - you cannot afford it in any circumstances. Do you brush your teeth whether you’re at home, away, at a hotel or elsewhere? So with the habit of meditating, do it regardless of external circumstances and do not let various situations break the chain of your victories.



    Add Responsibility In the Eyes of an Important Person

    If you feel that you need someone who can support you on the path to forming a new habit of meditation every day, then just tell him or her about it. Life practice says that it is much easier not to go astray when you know that someone is worried about your results and will be upset if you give up your idea. The best way is to share your intentions on social networks. You can even do daily photo reports that you have completed your task and this day has become a contribution to the formation of your new habit of meditation.

    You Have Willpower

    And remember, in fact, the process of forming a habit is actually your effort over your inner self through your willpower. Psychologists say that our habits are one of the factors of our self-identification, that is, we perceive ourselves as the owner of certain habits. But fortunately, our habits can be affected by our willpower and our consciousness. Do not forget that our inner strength has unlimited potential - just do not let anyone lead you astray!



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