How To Reveal Your Hidden Personality?

    Each person has a unique personality. Yes! That part of you that nobody knows, not even you. Do you see those habits that you simply brush off as ordinary? Or those truths buried deep inside you that you don’t like remembering?  Well, scientists and self-improvement books claim that these habits can be part of your hidden personalities.

    These habits will go from how you behave when around other people, how you treat your trash to how you perceive different colors. So, you want to know how to reveal your hidden personality? This article can be your best read. 

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    The Rorschach Inkblot Test

    An Inkblot test is a personality test invented by a Swiss psychologist known as Herman Rorschach. It is a quick personality test used with practitioners to reveal the traits of their patients despite also being a controversial method. An Inkblot test is a projective test, which means the person being tested will need to generate their own interpretations rather than choose from a pre-existing option.

    You cannot take the inkblot personality test without the 10 ambiguous inkblots, just like it is not possible to go for a run or a jog without your sports shoes. The practitioners present the tools before you and ask you to say what you see from the picture.

    Each picture has a different interpretation for everyone. The psychologist then uses the interpretation tool to get to know what your personality is and why. The Rorschach test does not provide a conclusive profile for anyone, but it gives a broader insight into your personality and you can use it to understand what is self improvement.

    Having Cold Shower

    Scientists claim that sometimes people try to make up for the emotional warmth by changes in the temperature of the water in the shower. For example, if you like taking cold showers, chances are that you’re egocentric, stubborn, and don't like other people's opinions. While those who like warm showers are perceived to be lonely. Yes! Spending more time in the shower shows how lonely you feel. For many people, these habits have become a self-improvement goal. 

    Social Media Likes

    Can you guess someone’s gender by just looking at how many likes they get on Facebook? Well, this is possible. Research has shown that likes are a form of slacktivism and a sign of laziness. A lot of people find it easy to express their dislikes and likes by just one click of their computer mouse. 

    Doing this saves them a lot of time, and they don't have to put any effort. Are you the type that likes and dislikes posts without writing an actual comment on social media? You might want to think about it; you might need self-improvement ideas to boost your enthusiasm.

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    Your mail inbox can tell a lot about your personality. If you are the type that never ignores a message, respond immediately, delete or sort them out, then you like keeping things in order. While if you are the type that never deletes a message after reading, then you seem to be a perfectionist. It means you need a sense of security; you like to keep everything just in case. 

    Some like their messages unread and undeleted;  if you are in this category, then you seem to be more intelligent. You understand that reading those messages won't give you anything useful, so you choose not to waste your time with them. For all these categories of people, self- improvement tips may not be that essential, but at the end of the day, everyone needs some self-improvement plan in their daily lives. 

    Bitter Food

    Do you know someone who likes their coffee black without sugar or cream? If you are in this category, then you might need a list of self-improvement ideas. Research shows that people who drink black coffee are likely to have some psychological disorders. People who like bitter tastes in their food can be hypocritical, selfish, and vain.  

    They might also enjoy it when other people get hurt or suffer. At some point, people who like beer and tonics are more likely to exhibit traits of narcissism and sadism; these people need more self-improvement for men than others.

    Organic Food

    Have you ever realized that people who choose food of high quality without pesticides and hormones are more inclined to judge others? They are usually very subjective and less charitable towards others. The same goes for those who eat organic food; they give themselves higher points. Then later, they will use those points to do some unethical actions and still claim to follow their self-improvement goals. 

    Reusable Shipping Bags

    Just like with funs of organic food, some people feel they collect points when they do good things. Such people will buy unhealthy foods like soda and chips and carry them in their reusable shopping bags. Research explains that people who purchase reusable shopping bags thinks this makes them care about the environment, so they have the right to buy unhealthy but tasty foods.

    We believe that such people need to make daily self-improvement to help them realize and make the proper choices. Protecting the environment is good, but you also need to care about your health.

    Now, do you now agree that habits mean a lot more than the eye can see? There are so many things that can determine our personalities. Colors also have the power to tap into your subconscious and reveal hidden truths. Knowing those habits can help you understand yourself better and understand whether you need to use some self-improvement tools. Do you know your hidden personality? Share with us the methods you use to reveal that hidden part of you as well as your self-improvement tips. 


    Randolph RayAuthor bio: Randolph Ray works as a nutritionist for years and can explain the nutrition contents in food to help you resolve eating disorders. Also, he is fond of yoga and likes writing articles on his blog.