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Don't Wait for Ready – Just Journal!

Mari McCarthy - Journaling Expert & Author_blog


       .....Work is so crazy right now, I can’t start anything new.Mari McCarthy - Journaling Expert & Author_blog

Once the kids are older, I’ll have more time for myself.

I don’t know what I’m doing – I should really take a few classes first.

It’s just an idea at this point. I don’t want to share it with other people yet...

You can always come up with a long list of excuses why now is not the “right” moment to go after what you want. Of course each one is completely reasonable in your mind: you don’t have enough time, money, experience, opportunity. You’re not ready. But you will be… some undefined day in the future. And so you wait, and you never move forward.

The truth is: you’ll never be 100% ready.  There is no perfect moment. You have to start now – ready or not.

What is it that you have been waiting to do? Do you want to change jobs, join a band, write a novel, have a baby, buy a house, travel the world? Why haven’t you taken that first step? What excuses have you been making?

Let go of the guilt and the regret, and start fresh right now. Embrace this moment as the perfect time to begin. And you don’t have to do it alone – use your journal as a sounding board and coach to support you on your way.

Journaling helps you find synchronization between your inner desires and your outer actions. It reveals where you want to go, and clears the path for you to get there.

Today, commit to making a small step forward. Set aside 10 minutes, and complete this exercise in your journal.

Free-write about one thing you want to do.

Focus on that one desire that you keep coming back to over and over. Describe it in detail. What does it look like? What do you feel when you think about it? What does it spark inside of you? Why does it have such a strong attraction for you?

Explore what’s been holding you back.

Try to look objectively at the reasons you haven’t pursued this desire. Imagine you’re helping a friend troubleshoot why she’s stalled in her journey. Be honest but kind. Look for the root of the problem. What are you afraid of? What past experiences are influencing your actions? What external challenges are you dealing with? What internal obstacles are standing in your way?

Give yourself permission.

Waiting until you’re ready often means waiting until something is no longer scary or messy or challenging. But the best, most rewarding pursuits should involve some risk. They won’t be effortless and tidy. Give yourself permission to start now, even if you are full of self-doubt and fear, even if you’re convinced you will fail. Give yourself permission to fail and try again. Write out this permission slip, and sign it at the bottom.

Take one small step.

You won’t reach your goal overnight, but you have to start somewhere. Find one small action you can take right now to build momentum. Make a phone call. Write a paragraph. Practice a song. Do something concrete, and celebrate it in your journal. Then write down what you’re going to do tomorrow.





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