101 Reasons to Write a Journal

By Sam Lytle 

101 Reasons to Journal resized 600This is one of those “I couldn’t find it anywhere so I wrote it myself” posts. I have been looking for a good, long list of reasons to journal for a while, and few get past 10. In fact, I think what you are about to read may be the longest “reasons to write a journal” list ever. At least ever that I can find.

I know this site usually focuses on methods of journaling and making it easier, but I am also (clearly) a strong proponent of the sport and try and convert any one I can every chance I get. I just truly believe that there are fewer activities that can make a life more fulfilling than keeping a diary or journal. And if you don’t read all of this, that’s okay (in fact, bravo if you do!), that isn’t what it is written for. Just find the things you need to give yourself that extra boost of motivation.

For organization purposes (and also so you can just get to the ones you care about) I have separated these reasons into different groups. The groups or reasons themselves are in no particular order, though I have tried to clump some similar ones. I tried my best to avoid redundancy and beating dead horses (ie Because your mom said to. Because your dad said to. Because your teacher said to. Because Oprah said to…)  The last group is actually more of a list of different types of journals, but it fits in pretty well anyways.

Feel free to share this list with whoever else you are trying to convert to the art of journaling (you can find Email, Twitter and other sharing options at the bottom of this post).

So, here it goes. You should write a journal to: … Read the rest of the article at Sam’s website.

About the author

Sam Lytle is an iPhone app reviewer for AppAdvice.com and is the founder of the new EasyJournaling.com website. EasyJournaling is dedicated to help make journaling more practical in an ever busying world with an emphasis on smartphone and web journals and diaries. You can ready Sam’s other guest blogger articles Write Here! and Write Here! He'll be doing more articles for CreateWriteNow. Let us know what you'd like him to write about by leaving us some comments.