Finding My True Self Through Journaling

Journaler Monique Halley blog post

Guest Post By Monique Halley

When I was in high school I recall my mother telling me to always write thingsJournaling helps Monique blog post done, so that I can keep track of it all, so I did. I literally wrote everything down in my day planner; all my classes, my test scores, what days I had cheerleading practices and games, I wrote everyone birthdays, who I spoke to on the phone etc… It was very fascinating to look back at a year worth of my life. I read and relived every moment. I enjoyed it! During my first year in college, my oldest sister sent me my very first journal and I was so eager to fill every page and so I did. That was 15 years ago and I never stopped journaling. 

The most amazing thing that came about through journaling was realizing that I was able to write whatever I wanted, without censoring myself. I was a shy person and I didn’t express to others what I was truly feeling.  I always did what I was told. Not that it was a negative thing, completely; However, I was never given the chance to voice my opinion. The time I took to journal was a safe haven for me to be honest with myself about, how I felt, what I wanted in life and who I wanted to be. In addition to journaling I read personal development books, to improve myself. As I read and absorbed, I journaled. 

As habit I always re-read my journal entries, which was very beneficial. Eventually I noticed similar behavior patterns year after year. My experiences were creating the same results, choices I didn’t make and being unsatisfied with my life. The relationships I had were all ending the same and I was often doing things that I didn’t want to do. For example I majored in psychology as a path to studying physical therapy in graduate school. I absolutely enjoyed my psyche classes, but I placed more energy into pursing physical therapy. Going into physical therapy was suggested to me by my brother and without a second thought, I listened. That was how a lot of my decisions were made. 

Once I became conscious of why my life was the way it turned out, I made the most important decision; to move beyond just journaling about who I was and to be whom I am. I understood that I didn’t trust myself; instead I trusted others and thought they knew what was best for me. Journaling helped me to develop the courage to make my own decisions without approval from anyone and that’s a great feeling. 

 I found my true self through journaling. I became more self-aware and took the time to figure out, who I was, what I wanted in all areas of my life and what I needed to do to get what I wanted. I know how miserable I was going through that period in my life so it gives me great pleasure to help someone else escape those experiences or get through it. Other benefits of self –awareness includes developing confidence, making better decisions and living a more fulfilled life. 

I’m very passionate about journaling and self-awareness. From that, I taught myself how to make journals and have created and online store selling handmade journals and other stationery items at I wanted to do more besides making journals I want to share how you can benefit through journaling. I have made it my mission to encourage self-awareness through journaling on my blog I also offer a free ecourse on 7 Ways To Get Started on Journaling In addition I offer a Self-Check Journal This journal will allow you to evaluate key areas of your life that you need to focus on. The goal is to find the right balance in your life by assessing these important areas. 


Journaler Monique Halley blog postI have been Journaling for 15 years and because of my experiences I’m determined to focus on teaching others the benefits of self-awareness through journaling. I have a BA in Psychology, which introduced me to the importance of personal development. I love that we all have the freedom to find out who we are so we can be our authentic selves and I’m glad to help with that process.  I love to read practical literate and write about the insightful lessons I’ve learned. I am a certified creative writer and I’m always open to exploring and learning more. I believe being self-aware is simply impressive and effective. I’m a mom of a 6 year old boy, that I love to pieces and he keeps me on my toes.

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