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All Aboard the SS Journal!

Guest Post by Angel Fridholm

Journal Angel resized 600On April 15, 2011, I spoke with Mari McCarthy and my husband Joncarlo Fridholm about taking the plunge once again into journaling.  After meeting with Mari and later discussing it with Jon, I climbed aboard the SS Journal.  To date there have been more than sixty ports, some for the worse and some for the greater good. 

I got my first journal when I was twelve back in 1986 free with the Sweet Valley High book series.  It was a hard-back purple journal. I wish I still had it.  That journal took me through puberty, first love, the devastating loss of my grandparents and pets, and on until high school.  I journaled in notebooks too.  Wherever there was a journal there was a way to cope the dysfunctional life.  There were other kinds of abuse going on eventually that lead to my first marriage.

My first marriage was that of Domestic Violence.  I almost lost my life in 2000, but thanks to a brave six year old, I got out.  I went to classes and spoke out.  I attended Al-Anon.  I started selling Gold Canyon candles.  I met my wonderful husband now, in 2003.  We married in 2004. I kept journaling off and on throughout the years.  Sadly, eventually I slowed to a halt until April 15, 2011, when I picked it back up non-stop.

I am overcoming the loss of my dear friend, Betty Lou Pierce.  I have agoraphobia, Biopolar mania and manic-depressive, anxiety/panic attacks, and PTSD, among other troubles.  HOWEVER, I choose to climb aboard my SS Journal and am doing so much better.  I also have lost 48lbs. since October 2010.  My Hub'N-Jon adopted my two boys October of 2010, thus giving me so much more to journal about.  Yes, I have encouraged my youngest son, my aunt, my dad, and even my Hub'N to climb aboard their SS Journals.

When I spoke with Mari that day, I was miserable and broken. Could I ever be whole?  Amazingly enough when I talk to her now, she and my husband see a completely changed woman.  One who smiles, laughs, exercises, is off some medicines.  They see a woman who through journaling found a light at the end of the tunnel and chugs ahead towards it.  I am a woman on a mission!  I am a mother of three with lots of challenges, a wife, and going to school and I am full steam ahead right at the steering wheel of the SS Journal. 

Therefore, you see there is so much out there good, bad, or ugly.  Write about it all.  Do some of Mari’s prompts they are fun!  I light an Apple Spice candle, dress professionally and sit down and write, write, write.  My journal goes with me everywhere all day long.  I do not know honestly how I ever lived without my personal therapist in a book.  I ask questions and get answers!  It is not enough to say the sky is the limit!

I implore you to do the same.  Best of luck to you in the present-future for whatever your journey brings for you!    

About the Author

My name is Angel. I am 37, wife, mother of three, daughter, niece, friend, writer and avid journaler.  I believe it takes 21 days to make a habit and thus I have come up with 21DaysToMakeItWrite!  Journaling has changed my life and is helping me grow rapidly.  I have lost 48lbs through Take Shape For Life.  Both make the difference!