Journal Writing and the Global Awakening to Conscious Creation

In a world that’s only constant is change, I feel blessed and comforted to have my journal on hand to help me find peace from within. I’m Soli Goodes and I’m a Journal Junkie.Moving into 2010 I think the effects of Climate Change are becoming increasingly obvious. As I write, it’s 43 degrees Celsius outside with strong winds and a bushfire danger rating of catastrophic. This is our 5th or 6th day of extreme heat. These extremes are beginning to become the norm rather than the exception.

The weather is not the only sign that things are out of balance. We have a large number of people suffering daily from the effects of stress. There are many experiencing feelings of anxiety, frustration, deep sadness or depression, feelings of hopelessness and dismay. The suffering and imbalance is wide spread.

I believe the disharmony around and within us is our highest collective consciousness trying it’s best to wake us from the fearful dream most of us call reality. The disharmony is trying to get our attention and have us ask ‘how could life be better than this?’ and ‘what part can I play in creating the change that I wish so much to see?’

This is where I believe the practise of Journal Writing is an amazing and powerful tool for transformation. Journaling offers a perfect way to turn our attention inward and ask ‘what is it I really want?’ to ask ‘what really matters most to me?’

Journaling Rebirths Personal Empowerment

Having a journal is like having a mirror for your mind. With practise you can see even deeper than the mind, you can feel clearly all the way into your personal truth and what really resides in your soul.

I believe there is a massive transformation sweeping the globe. This change is taking place one person at a time as we remember who we really are. The book and film ‘the Secret’ come to mind as sign posts of the wisdom that’s becoming main stream. The Law of Attraction. Everything is Energy. These are ideas that science is now confirming as fact.

All of this powerful new information that we’re becoming aware of assures us, we are not victims of circumstance in a random Universe. And we’re not sheep, destined to follow what we’ve been programmed to accept as true. Instead we are powerful creative beings. It is through our ability to make choices and focus our energy (our attention) that we create our life experience.

This revelation can be viewed as miraculous and terrifying. If we really are this powerful (and my gut tells me it is so), first all the excuses for being anything less than our best selves evaporate. Secondly, we have open to us an infinite supply of possible choices. How will we ever know what choices will bring our most desirable outcomes?

This is where Journal Writing again shines as a powerful tool to assist in conscious creation. Using your journal you can play with possibilities. You can write about where you are now on any subject – Relationships; Money; Work; Home; Travel; Events of the past, etc. And write about anything you feel could improve (bring more life and joy to) these areas.

Your journal is a place you can come to be completely honest with yourself. Tell it how it is. The truth is always the perfect place to start. And as you write for yourself with the intention of total honesty, you will start to see yourself as you really are.  All the layers of ‘shoulds’ can fall away. All the weight of others expectations can be checked at the door. All of the ‘have to’s’ can go get stuffed.

Living Your Life from Your Own Truth

The real power of creative and healing clarity that comes from journal writing is felt when you’re able to set aside all of the influences of what’s ‘out there’, what society says and the opinions of others in your life. The benefits come when you give yourself permission to really speak freely. No guilt, no obligations, then you can get down to the all important business of experiencing who you really are and what really matters most to you.

With practise you can connect to and stay centred in your own personal truth on a moment by moment basis. Armed with awareness of your truth you’re than able to make choices that are aligned with your hearts deep desires.  

As people become centred in the truth of who they are and what their hearts hold, one heart at a time we are quickly bringing into being a new and better reality for us all. A reality and a world full of all the things our hearts are at our core, harmonious, healthy and whole.

Being that you’re on this great site reading about Journal writing I’m sure you’re already on this path of connection to self and conscious creation. My encouragement to you is don’t delay, have a heart to heart with yourself in your journal today.  And let the truth of who you are inspire the choices that you make in creating the life of your dreams.


With Love, Soli xxxxx

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