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    5 Reasons Why Quizzes and other 'Games' Can Improve Your Mental Fortitude

    You’re doing great physically and mentally. In fact, you’ve conquered many of your major life goals. Quite an achievement, isn't it? Well, you have your brain to thank for that.

    Our brains do more than just help us think and store information. They dictate how we live our life. Think back to the last time you made a resolution, came close to bailing on it only for your brain to give you a reason not to. That’s mental fortitude in action. It isn’t something that everyone is naturally born with and it can be developed through certain games and exercises.

    Improving Mental Fortitude with Quizzes and Puzzles

    Want to develop mental toughness and fortitude? Better brain function can be enhanced with certain activities. One of the key ways to do so is through quizzes and puzzles. 

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