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Dealing With People Problems Through Journal Writing

A lot of my journal writing is pretty boring stuff -- just talking about what I did the day before. Still, I use my journal for all kinds of thinking, much dealing with my creative writing. When I have a problem it gets thoroughly analyzed in my journal. Fortunately, I get along well with everyone in my life, however, the occasional people problem does arise. Conflict upsets me, yet I can be reactive. Probably the upset comes because I do tend to be reactive. Through a lot of practice I've learned to keep my mouth shut until I can figure out why I feel the way I do and what to do about that feeling and possibly why the person is acting in the way they are behaving. That practice means journal writing about the person. Because I'm also extremely loyal it can be hard for me to write negative things about the people I love. I've worked that out, too. Journal writing about my people makes me more compassionate and empathetic. Owning my feelings makes me more honest.

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