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    How Mindset Medicine Gave Me Transformative Insights That I Never Expected

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    I’ve written a blog about self-awareness and vulnerability for over two years. Before that, I’ve spent the better part of my adult life chasing self-discovery prompts. I love diving into introspective questions, and I believe firmly in the transformative power of this work.

    Yet it wasn’t until I read Mindset Medicine by Mari L. McCarthy that I realized I had been neglecting a key player in the game. Something both obvious and severely overlooked by our society.

    I’ve ignored the necessity of self-love.


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    Mari's Journaling Power Blog | Journaling Journeys, Self-Awareness

    3 Things You Need to Become More Self-Aware

    I’ve always been deeply introspection. Since a young age, I would contemplate my life and write journal entry after journey entry. When I wasn’t writing, I was asking myself questions and fantasizing...

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