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    Lavender and Peppermint Tea

    It’s 6:00 pm. The nausea starts to set in. The butterflies in my tummy because I know its time to start getting ready for the night shift ahead. The nausea is because I’m anxious, terrified actually. What will tonight bring? Who will be working with me? This is month three on my journey as a new nurse.

    Month fourteen the anxiety doesn’t ease. Will I be able to handle the assignment? Will my words be enough to advocate for my patients tonight? Will anyone listen to me?

    This was my reality and the reality of most new nurses. We carry so much stress in and around us. No one ever teaching us that our personal decompression is just as important to our patient’s healing process.

    No one spending time in or after school emphasizing to us that as facilitators of healing, we must prioritize our own healing in so many ways.

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