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How Journaling Eased My Anxiety

My anxiety crippled me, without me knowing it. All along I thought I was just a sensitive,
overly stressed person who took things too close to their hearts and never thought I'd been
diagnosed with anxiety.

From a third person perspective, my life was perfect and peaceful. I had everything, a secure
job, my own apartment near a beautiful park in a nice neighborhood and my future looked
bright. However, on the inside, I was in turmoil every single day, the simplest tasks felt like I
was climbing a mountain. Going to the grocery store was a big event in itself, I had to first
prepare a plan on how I was going to complete my grocery run. I pictured how I would walk
on the street, what clothes to wear and the exact path I was going to take at the grocery
store. Should I get fruit first or dairy? It honestly would take me at least an hour to mentally
prepare before I executed my plan and after the grocery store, I would always be exhausted.
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