7 Ways Writing Helps Find the Harmony in Life


Many people today spend their time trying to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. They keep on attempting new ways to allocate the same amount of time to all areas of their life. From creating time for the kids to meeting the deadline set by your boss – the quest to maintain balance in life is not for the fickle-hearted.


Many folks, in their attempts to keep a tab on every happening in their lives, have ended up feeling angry and confused at some level of life. They keep trying different means to get their lives in balance, and end up having to either drop some of those things or quit trying to handle the stress. But what if we have been focusing on the wrong things all along? What if rather than trying to do what we think is important, we focus on something else, something more rewarding?

Delving into the uniqueness of harmony

With time, everyone gets to understand that the ideology of keeping someone’s life in constant check is only but an abstract, since life is subject to times, and time changes every now and then. A more certain virtue to pursue would be to find the harmony out of life; find the things that function together to make life’s components to flow in unison.

The concept of harmony in life entails the events and occurrences of one’s life unified into one big experience. To be united with your experiences, in simpler words, is to find peace even when it looks like things are falling apart. There are people who believe that when you unveil the ‘flow’ of your existence, the idea of a balanced existence becomes achievable. Looking at it from a perspective, maybe they are right. Otherwise, how do you explain keeping an equilibrium with kids on one side, a job you hate on the other, and the need to relax your tired self in the middle? Quite tough.

Writing and harmony


Experiencing peace requires one’s body and heart to be in one rhythm with the flow of his soul i.e. peace flows from the inside out. Many folks go through varying degrees of stress daily – some work demanding hours, others try to get their tasks done at https://edubirdie.com/business-plan-writing-service and some others just have awful days at work. The best way to get their minds cleared up would be to find an activity that helps them ‘vent’ their negative feelings out.

One of such activities is writing. Right from times past, many people have talked about the important role it has played in their lives. Writing comes in diverse forms – from keeping a diary to rage typing, to just penning down random thoughts. The aim is always the same: to rid the mind of harmful energies that disrupt the unified accord of a being.

How would writing do such? How would it help people to uncover the harmony in life?

1. It opens up the mind

By penning down your thoughts, you open yourself to a whole world of new ideas that help you see different perspectives of things. Words are like triggers sometimes – once they are expressed one way or the other, they trigger off thought processes that lead the owner to other ideas, and the cycle repeats itself.

2. It enhances the study mode

Writing is a powerful tool when it comes to upholding the study lifestyle. Due to what scientists refer to as ‘muscle memory’ you are more likely to remember ideas you pen down. Also, writing while studying creates an efficient use of time, and helps you to be ‘a part of the studying’ process – a key requirement for achieving harmony.

3. It enhances one’s health

Bottled up feelings have been known to contribute to various health issues indirectly. But by penning them down you create a release from emotionally induced stress on the body’s emotions. This helps in keeping your emotions stable while you enjoy the dividends of being in harmony with one’s self.

4. It helps tackle negativity

Long-standing negativity is the most common cause of depression for many youths who are afraid to voice out. If voicing out poses a concern, you can never go wrong with penning out your feelings, your fears and other harmful emotions. This clears your mind up for appropriate patterns to flow – it’s difficult being in tune with yourself when you are depressed half the time.

5. It gives room for self-reflection

Our thoughts, irrespective of form, tend to reflect who we really are. Being able to jot down your thoughts on issues often offers you a glimpse of the inner person you are. Our own words in ink can also serve as mirrors that reflect our person back to us, and help inspire us to make the changes we need to.

6. It helps you to impact others

girl-on-beachExisting in peace with your being also extends to doing same with your surroundings – neighbors, acquaintances, etc. By writing not only your thoughts, but the ideas you get that can aid people in diverse situations, you extend love to them. By extending love, you position yourself as a recipient too. This is one of the surest ways to be in accord with the universe.

7. It boosts your confidence

Writing is a potential transformer – it transforms the life of the one who delves into it. Writing has the ability to boost a person’s confidence and morale, giving him the motivation he needs to achieve his set goals.


BIO: John Landrum  is a freelance writer and education consultant based in Florida and Taiwan. He is a big believer in Louis Pasteur's motto 'chance favors the prepared.' He helps students actualize their academic writing dreams despite all problems they face.  Now he made educating and writing his main activities, so he has more time to widen his knowledge and share it with others.

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