5 Tips To Start Your Journaling Journey

Author - Hassan Ahmad
Published - June 29, 2020

A journal is basically like a record. A record of your daily life activities. Keeping a journal is not an easy thing to do and maintaining isn’t as well. However, it is said that the most productive people are the ones who let their feelings out on a piece of paper or simply write their feelings. And keeping a journal is all related to that. 


A journal can be on one of the various topics. Let’s consider a travel journal. You can just express what you saw, where you traveled, all the details regarding the travel journey, and above all, what the specific place made you feel. 




Many people consider keeping a journal as a hobby and don’t think that it can provide any benefit. People think that writing cannot bring them any kind of advantage to the least and especially the people who are not much fond of writing. However, do you know that journal writing can be positively impacting you? How? Let’s discuss it below.


In the rapid progress of technology, life has become fast. People do not have the time to do things that they love and things of their interest. Everybody prefers going with the flow. And hence, people do not simply have the time to keep a journal even if they want to. Journal

writing is reflecting your thoughts in the form of words. Don’t copied the words of any other journaling journey. Use of plagiarism test tool is mandatory while writing your Journaling Journey. It will surely help you to identify and remove any kind of plagiarism words from your writing. You have to use an innovative style technique, and must use unique words.


You have countless ideas crossing your mind every day, and those ideas can be really productive and helpful in numerous ways. But you never notice or tend to forget them simply because you don’t consider writing things. 

Putting your thoughts on a piece of paper in the form of a journal has said to lessen anxiety. It is also really helpful in giving you a vivid thinking pattern. Moreover, your productivity becomes much more and you just become much more self-aware. It’s a way of storing every thought that crosses your mind which is of value and everything that you feel in a way that can easily be accessed. 



One of the very important tools of self-development is known to be the journal writing and maintaining a journal. Journaling was done in history in many forms. If you ask many of the successful people how to enhance your levels of productivity, they would always suggest you write. And not write on your mobile phones or laptops but a regular piece of paper with a pen. The moment you will feel the impact that this act creates upon your overall mental health and your brain power, you will be amazed.


 So many of us have been at that point where we have considered starting a journal but have always found ourselves to be in utmost confusion about how to start with and most importantly, stick to journal writing. Since many do not know how to start properly, they either do not start writing a journal or even if they do, quit in the mid-way. However, the vitality of knowing the tips you need to know before starting your journal is really important. So let’s go with the 05 tips you need to start your journaling journey with.




Be clear about your reason to keep a journal

You get to know keeping a journal is important and that it has advantages which we have talked about above, but are you clear about your reason to keep a journal? Well, most people aren’t and that is why they struggle with sticking to journal writing. Understanding the topic of your journal and the problem which you need to address and express your thoughts on in the journal is of great value. 

 For example, if you are into blogging. You see many things every day which you can blog about and you can write them down in your journal. If you don’t, at the end of the day, your brain will be clear of any valuable thoughts. Being a blogger, you can write down the things you want to talk about and the order in which you want to discuss them as well. In the first point or to begin with, you need to ask yourself some questions. Which include why you need to write a journal, how can a journal be helpful to you and how will it keep you interested throughout the process of writing. 


Build your habit by starting with small bits

If you are someone who has absolutely no habit of writing, then don’t stress over the fact that you have to just fill your journal as quickly as possible. It is all about building your habit by beginning with really small steps and keeping really small milestones before moving to big ones. If you start by having high expectations, you will only end up with disappointment and this will dishearten you in many ways. Therefore, the best way is to slowly build up your passion for writing journals. 


Do not forget to mention the date for each writing

Now this is a very essential thing to do so. Mentioning the date can be surprisingly helpful. In the future when you will read your journal or want to get a glimpse of how you made it through some specific days, you will know the exact date and how you felt during that specific day. You will also get an idea about how your thinking pattern and opinions regarding certain things have changed. You will also be able to save your experiences and hence, know when you experienced a certain thing.  


Keep a track of the topics you can talk about

Search the internet, explore your mind and interests, and come up with a list of topics you want to talk about in your journal. However, if your journal is entirely based on one topic, such as if it is a travel journal, then that’s a separate thing. Otherwise, if you have a very busy schedule at times and do not get the time to think of topics but also don’t feel like skipping on writing the journal, then you can just take the list of topics that you had shortlisted before and selected anyone. Moreover, this will also be helpful at times when you feel like your brain can not come up with new ideas. 


Make it a place to keep your secrets/Make it as personal as you can

Ever felt the urge to talk to someone not because you want to hear them respond but because you just want to let your feelings out? Well, what better way to do it other than through the journal? 

 If you consider your journal as your safe place where you can keep your secrets, where you can say whatever you want without the fear of getting judged, where you can just let your emotions slip out without any fright, then you won’t find it a burdensome job to write one. 

 It is your way of communicating yourself. You can even improve certain negative things about you that you want to get rid of and write your progress and your journey of overcoming your negative habits in your journal. Your journal will be a place where you will talk as openly as possible. And as openly as you have never done before


So one point that we talked about above to start your journal with was keeping a list of topics ready beforehand to pre-prepare for your journal. We have shortlisted some of the most interesting topics for majority which will help them with the decision of the topics upon which they want to write a journal on. So here’s the list:

1- My aims and goals and what fears do I have regarding them.
This not only keeps reminding you the aims you have but also about the fears that you have regarding the achievement of that certain aim. You can also mention how to overcome the fear.

2- In some years from now, how would you want your life to change and what can you do to get closer to that dream.

3- Your travelling experiences.

4- Your top fears which you want to overcome.

5- I wish I would’ve been at a certain place when...

6- Things/Achievements that make you proud about yourself.

7- Things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t.

8- Your passions and your dreams.

9- Things that make you the happiest.

10- The places in the town which you want to visit and why.



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