Get List Happy! 10 Journal Prompts for Quick Inspiration

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Get List Happy! 10 Journal Prompts for Quick Inspiration


list journal promptsCreating a list is a fast and easy way to spark your creativity and kick your journal writing into gear. The next time you are staring at the blank page, trying to think of what to write, start by using one of these ideas for inspiration. Simply pick a theme and write until you run out of steam!

10 List-Making Journal Prompts

1. Places you want to travel: Look at a map and daydream about the far-flung places you will visit someday.

2. Professional goals: Think about where you want to be in your career in a year, five years or 10 years.

3. Things you love:  Chase away the bad day blues by listing your favorite things – from movies and books to smells and words.

4. Accomplishments: Use journal writing to record your proud achievements and successes in your personal and professional life.

5. Heroes: Who inspires or motivates you? Who are your role models? Write down the names of your heroes, whether they are personal friends or famous leaders. 

6. Bucket list: Reflect on everything you want to do, see or accomplish before you die. Dream big!

7. Traditions: What are the important rituals or traditions in your family or circle of friends? Make a list of those that mean the most to you.

8. Milestones: Look back on your life so far and write down the most significant events (for example, moving away from home for the first time or meeting your spouse).

9. The best of you: Sing your own praises for a change; brainstorm your best qualities, attributes and quirks.

10. Values: Take a close look at your personal values. What is most important to you?

 Which of these journal prompts resonates most with you? Have one you like to use?  Please share.

And here are 136 and counting journal prompts if you need some more list making ideas. 


I have been using these in my SMASH book that I purchased along with magazine clippings or old photos that tie in with the listing items. My next SMASH pages are going to be my bucket list... with a bucket on the page! :)
Posted @ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 12:12 PM by Natasha
Thanks for this suggestions. Sometimes when I don't have a lot time for journal writing, lists like these are much easier to produce. I particularly like #3 and 6. These prompts help remind you that there are positive things you can do in your life beyond the normal routine. Thanks for your site.
Posted @ Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:37 PM by Bakari
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