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"My Healing Journal created a safe place for me to reside while trying to cope with a frustrating situation. It was the best kind of therapy and it was there for me any time I needed it. No doctor's fees. No waiting. No prescription needed."

~ Kim White

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"I had been journaling off and on over the years, but until I read Mari's take on its benefits, and her enthusiasm, I didn't commit to delving into the depths of 'Writing for the Health of It!' Overcoming resistance to expressing feelings on paper was a big step for me. Mari's website helped me to stop thinking about writing, but to go ahead and 'just do it'!"

~ Relie   

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248 Journal Prompts...and Counting

Looking for inspiration?  Use the journal prompts below when you need some ideas to get your journaling juices flowing! 

A journal prompt is simply an idea to help you get your writing started.  As you read the prompts below, stop when you find a topic that grabs you and begin to write.  Don't feel restricted by the topic!  Let your pen take over and follow where it will lead...

Every week, you'll find a new journaling prompt on this page -- so check back often!   And view earlier journaling ideas here.


New Prompts added weekly!
Here are the Most Recent Journaling Prompts:

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Journal Prompts #248 - A Person of Interest and Intrigue

weight control journaling challenge

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What interests you? Take that curiosity to the page and write about those luscious lips, those special smiles, those Betty Davis eyes.

Journal Prompts #247 - Use Aromatherapy on Your Journal

weight control journaling challenge

Pick a Fruit or Vegetable. As you're peeling it or cutting it or whatever you do to prepare it for eating, notice its aroma. Journal about how its scent makes you feel; what its fragrance reminds you of....

Journal Prompts #246 - My One and Only

Journal prompt pic resized 600


Journal Prompts #245 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

27 Days Journaling Challenge

Pick a song. Use some of its lyrics to start a new journal entry. Or choose a song you love and write your own lyrics! 

From 134 More Journal Writing Prompts. WriteON!

Journal Prompts #244 - How Are You Feeling?

27 Days Journaling Challenge

Sit down with Your Journal. Take a few breaths. On a new page, ask your body (or a body your overthinking head maybe?), how it's feeling? Then listen with your heart and write down what it tells and shows you.

Journal Prompts #243 - It Is What You Think It Is

27 Days Journaling Challenge

Martin Seligman writes in his book Learned Optimism: "I have found, however, that pessimism is escapable. Pessimists can in fact learn to be optimists, and not through mindless devices like whistling a happy tune or mouthing platitudes...but by learning a new set of cognitive skills."  

Journal Prompts #242 - Are you Really Ready to Get Real?

27 Days of Journaling

At your next Journal Sit-Down, enter this question at the top of the page:

Journal Prompts #241 - Love Me or Leave Me

27 Days Journaling Challenge

Have a sit-down with your Journal and identify what things or people don't love and support you and your growth, improvement and transformation; the ones that dearly love the status quo. Script out how you'll compassionately show them the door. 

Journal Prompts #239 - Well Worth The Wait, Write?

journal writing blog

How have you learned to deal with waiting?

Journal Prompts #238 - You Done Good There, Girlfriend

jouirnaling weight control book

#Journalwriting tip: Write a thank you letter to yourself for all the things you have done right in your life to this point.

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