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"My Healing Journal created a safe place for me to reside while trying to cope with a frustrating situation. It was the best kind of therapy and it was there for me any time I needed it. No doctor's fees. No waiting. No prescription needed."

~ Kim White

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"I had been journaling off and on over the years, but until I read Mari's take on its benefits, and her enthusiasm, I didn't commit to delving into the depths of 'Writing for the Health of It!' Overcoming resistance to expressing feelings on paper was a big step for me. Mari's website helped me to stop thinking about writing, but to go ahead and 'just do it'!"

~ Relie   

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Need more inspriation?  Read Mari's original list of more than one hundred journal writing promts here!

266 Journal Prompts...and Counting

Looking for inspiration?  Use the journal prompts below when you need some ideas to get your journaling juices flowing! 

A journal prompt is simply an idea to help you get your writing started.  As you read the prompts below, stop when you find a topic that grabs you and begin to write.  Don't feel restricted by the topic!  Let your pen take over and follow where it will lead...

Every week, you'll find a new journaling prompt on this page -- so check back often!   And view earlier journaling ideas here.


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Here are the Most Recent Journaling Prompts:

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Journal Prompts #265 - Back to School Sale

Morning Pages eBook

Sit down with your Inner Children and have a conversation with them about starting the new school year. Focus on their Feelings.

Journal Prompts #264 - What's the Fame in Your Name?


Journal Prompts #263 - Who Are You Today?

27 Days of Journaling

How's your life going? Might be time to revisit this quote and spend some quality check in time with your Journal:

Journal Prompts #262 - What Got You Started?

27 Days Journaling Challenge

What was the first song you learned as a child? What was the first instrument you ever played? Revisit your first musical experiences, and write about them in your Journal.

Journal Prompts #261- Pain Without Suffering

27 Days Journaling Challenge

"Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional."

Journal Prompts #260 - Thoughts R Not Us

34 journaling prints

 Discuss this delightful ditty with Your Journal:

Journal Prompts #259 - Fear By Any Other Name

Fear resized 600

Which meaning do you choose? Ask your Journal how s/he feels. If you come up with a new meaning, please let us know write here:

Journal Prompts #258 - Today is the Day

journaling prompts email course

June 26

Journal Prompts #257 - Words With Friends

Journal Writing Prompts

Pick a word that you love like abundance, joy, transformation, compassion, forgiveness.... Google it, read about it, write about it in your Journal. Figure out how to bring more of it into your life. 

Journal Prompts #256 - Love or Fear: It's Your Choice


Have some sessions with your Journal to decide how you're going to live your life from now on!


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