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In A Journaling Rut? Well, Try Journal Writing

Posted by Mari L. McCarthy on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 11:34 AM

Journaling for the Health of ItDaily pen to page Journaling is the best (and cheapest) way we can get to know and grow ourselves back up and better, solve our problems and create a perennially healthy, happy Life and….

There may be times, though, when your journaling seems bogged down in too much “You.” You realize you're stuck in same-o, same-o, and you can’t away from yourself fast enough.

This sort of thing happens often in relationships with lovers, family members, and friends. Now and then we need to get away by ourselves, even though we may love these people with all our hearts.

It's the same with your Journal. You need a way to refresh your outlook from time to time.  Bet you didn’t know that you can kick-start your journaling practice with...journal writing. How cool is that?

Try out these 3 Journaling Tips:

• If you're tired of the same old stuff in your journal, become a journalist! That is, instead of writing the way you usually do, write about your surroundings: the people and environment.

• If your writing is full of "I wish …" or "If only …" or other sorts of heavy sighs all the time, try having a dialog with a mentor. Write out your conversation with a beloved teacher from your past, or an admired person in your present. Find out what the Dalai Lama or Saint Francis or Oprah has to say to you. Just as importantly, find out what you have to say to them.

• If you feel as though you've discovered all there is to discover, and you've reached rock bottom, start dreaming! It is patently untrue that your well has dried up. All you have to do is distract yourself a bit. Instead of your usual journaling, fill up the pages with fantasies of whatever kind you wish. Be outrageous, take it way over the top. Tell lies, tell stories, create other worlds. Break bread with your Inner Kid! Keep journaling this way until you're ready to get back to "real life."

Note that each of these exercises rejuvenates you by forcing you to focus outside your accustomed thought patterns. The key element is the introduction of an "Other," another person or thing with which you interact.

Here is a bonus exercise, though it is not for the faint-hearted. Since the jump-start to lift you from journaling doldrums is the presence of the "Other," all you really need is your own reflection! The "Other" that is always with you is your own soul.

• Take a long hard look in a mirror. Stay gazing at your face past the time when you think you've seen everything. Concentrate particularly on the eyes. Then take up your journal and write about what you saw.

What Journal Writing techniques do you use to revitalize your Journaling practice? Please do tell us!





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