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A Reflective Writing Honoring of Women's History Month

Posted by Mari L. McCarthy on Mon, Mar 14, 2011 @ 09:03 PM

Reflective WritingEvery March, we celebrate Women’s History Month in the United States, recognizing the many influential female leaders in everything from art and literature to politics and science. Its goal is to raise awareness and knowledge about women who have made a positive impact in the world, and it is an important occasion for men and women alike.

You may remember studying Marie Curie or Susan B. Anthony or Harriet Tubman for Women’s History Month when you were younger, but what about the not-so-ordinary women who have affected your own life? They may not get the wide fame and glory as more well-known women, but they still deserve appreciation. Who would you choose if you were to honor one woman who has had the biggest influence on you? Through reflective writing, express to this person what she means to you.

1. Who did you select? Is she your mother, your sister, your favorite teacher, your best friend? Think about why this person stands out above all the other important women in your life. In your journal, make a quick list of her exceptional qualities and quirks. What real-life examples can you think of that demonstrate who she is as a person?

2. On a fresh page in your journal, channel your reflective writing into a letter to this woman. It doesn’t matter if she is living or not, if you are in contact or not or if you will actually give her this letter or not. Just write to her.

3. Start by telling her why she is so important to you. Describe some of her stand-out personality characteristics that you brainstormed earlier. Tell her about your most memorable times together.

4. Write about how she made a lasting impact on your life. Be as specific as you can. Did she give you a piece of advice that you always remember when you need motivation to achieve your goals? Was she a constant source of support during difficult periods in your life? How has her influence rubbed off on you and your other relationships?

5. Express your gratitude and love for her, and sign your letter. If the woman you are writing to is still alive, you can give her a copy of the letter if you wish (just make sure you save the original in your journal).

Who did you honor for Women’s History Month in your reflective writing exercise? Did you give her a copy of the letter? 

My choice was my mother (pictured above) who art in heaven whose birthday is March 16. It was amazing how the words that I never knew I wanted to say came out effortlessly as did my tears.  Seems that all this reflective writing has helped me dig deeper and deeper and find every single word I always wanted to say. And you know what? I know she heard my every word! At least she said she did just like all marvelous moms do!


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