Financial Freedom Matters: Can You Still Be Prosperous Without the Cash?

Author - Michelle Cornish
Published - Dec 6, 2021 8:16:00 AM

Spoiler: Yes, of course you can!

Let’s dig into this. If you have heard anything about manifesting your dream life, you know that getting into the energy of how you’ll feel once you have whatever it is you are dreaming of is super important. This is how it’s possible to feel prosperous even before you have the money to back that feeling up. There’s more to it than that though.

What does it truly mean to be prosperous?

If you look up prosperous in the dictionary, you will find two definitions along the lines of these definitions I got from Google: 

  1. Favorable,
  2. Marked by success or economic well-being. 

The first definition has nothing to do with cash. To me, it’s all about attitude, and if you’ve read any of my past articles, you already know that I believe we can change our attitudes and achieve anything when we do. Success also has nothing to do with money when you think about it, but wouldn’t it be great to live a life where you were comfortable with your economic well-being?

The first step is feeling like you’re already there, which can be harder than it sounds. 


Clarify How You Want to Feel

To reach any goal you need to define it. With manifesting wealth and prosperity, our goal is all about the feelings, because you want to feel as if you already are prosperous. So, while your goal may be to pay off your debt (like me), I want you to focus on what that will feel like when it happens.

For me, I imagine a weight being lifted. I’ll no longer feel restricted by the loan payments I need to make, because I’ll be able to use that money for something else. I’ll also have more freedom to choose the type of work I want to do since I will no longer need to earn money over and above what I need to live to put towards debt. This feeling, to me, is lightness, like a feather floating in a gentle breeze. 

Sometimes when we set goals for ourselves we’re not sure how it will feel to achieve them. Here’s where our journals come in handy. If you focus on the reason why you want to achieve something, it will lead you to the feelings behind it. 

Journal prompt: How does prosperity feel to you?

Prosperity can mean something different for everyone. Start by thinking of your financial goal. Maybe you want to save for a house, start an emergency savings fund, or get promoted to a higher paying job. Whatever it is, write it down. If you have multiple financial goals, write them all down. Then next to your goals, write how you will feel when you achieve them. Use this as a brainstorming exercise. See how many different feelings you can associate with reaching your goal then circle your favourite ones. You will use these feelings in the next step.  


Envision Your Future Self

Being able to get a sense of what the future will be like when you reach your goal is a major part of manifesting your dreams. It’s also what keeps us going when we feel like giving up on those dreams. As you were getting specific about how you want to feel when you reach your financial goals, you likely already started to picture your future self. It’s hard to think about the future without doing this. 

Let your mind wander into the future.You’ve achieved things you never thought possible, and you’re living your dream life. 

Journal prompt: How do you feel when you think of your future self having achieved all your goals?

This isn’t just about how you see your future. Again, you want to feel those feelings of success in achieving your goals. Focus on how you feel in the future, not just what you’ve achieved. Of course, it’s what you’ve achieved that leads you to feel a certain way. They are two sides of the same coin. Look at the feelings you circled when answering the question about how prosperity feels to you. There will likely be some overlap here.

Before completing this journal prompt, close your eyes. Imagine you’ve reached your financial goals. Take some time to soak in what you see, then begin to feel what your future self is feeling. Once you’ve got a good grasp on those feelings, write what you’ve achieved as well as how you feel. Write as if you’re living in that moment. 


Believe in Yourself 

Now that you’ve imagined your future, step back into the present. The other key to manifesting your financial dreams is having faith in your abilities right now. This is probably the most challenging part of achieving your financial goals. When you have so many payments to make you don’t know where to start or every time you get ahead an unexpected bill arrives, it’s easy to get down on yourself.

Manifesting takes energy, and the thing with energy is like attracts like. The more down you get about something, the more you will attract that kind of energy. In financial terms, this means you’ll attract more bills. I know because this has happened to me. 

I understand that  it’s hard to stay positive and high-vibe all the time. There are a couple of things that help me when I start feeling down. First, I remember all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, especially the hard things I never thought I’d achieve. I remember the first time I cried tears of joy and how spontaneous it was. It seems like such a silly thing to be happy about now, but it was when I was a teen and I looked at the rankings of my group in a figure skating competition and my name was at the very top. I was so shocked I thought someone had made a mistake, and then I covered my face and started crying because I was so happy. I had been visualizing this exact moment leading up to the competition. What I had envisioned happened.

The other thing I do when I’m feeling down about my progress toward my financial goals is treat myself to little things that make me happy. For me these are things like taking time for myself to read a good book, doodle in my favorite sketchbook, play a game with my kids or take a nap. Self care always helps me feel better about things. Then I can get back into the high-vibe energy needed for manifesting prosperity. 

Journal prompts:  

What evidence do you have that you can achieve great things?

Take some time to write down all the amazing things you’ve already achieved in your life. Go back as far in the past as you like. If you can do these things, you can manifest your financial desires too. Remember to review this list when you’re feeling down about your progress to help you get back into a high-vibe state quickly. 

What are some activities that make you happy?

Just as you wrote down a number of things that you’ve achieved, now you’re going to write about things that make you happy. Go ahead and write about anything that comes to mind. You can always edit your list later. Maybe it’s a beautiful sunset or dinner at your favorite restaurant. Write down anything that made you happy in the past then circle it for future reference when you need a little pick me up.



If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I think one of the best ways to believe in yourself is by using affirmations. Something as simple as dancing around singing, “I love money and money loves me,” can really boost your mood and get you in the right frame of mind for feeling into your financial desires. 

Here are some affirmations I chose especially for invoking the good feelings that come along with having anything our hearts desire. 

  • Financial opportunities excite me.
  • I feel free when I’m in control of my finances.
  • Annihilating my debt one dollar at a time is exhilarating.

Affirmations become more effective the more you use them, so get creative. You can write one in the center of a journal page then decorate the page, record them as voice memos to yourself, or leave notes to yourself around your house. It’s also fun to associate affirmations with songs so whenever you hear that song, it reminds you of your affirmation.

If you like the idea of using affirmations to improve your financial situation, but you get stuck trying to come up with them, check out my Prosperity Prompts online or get your own Prosperity Prompts card deck here

Prosperity Prompts - live the prosperous life you deserve

I have faith that you will manifest your financial desires, whatever they are. Remember to get clear about how you want to feel when you reach those goals, imagine your future self reaping the rewards of your hard work, and believe that you have the power to achieve your desires right now. You don’t need buckets of cash to feel prosperous today!


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