Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy Healthy Life You Want to Live 

International Best-Seller - The Breakthrough Self-Help Manual for Everyone

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“Remarkable, riveting and transformative…Spoken from experience, inspired by passion and delivered with magnificence. Whether you journal or not…you will definitely want to dive in to discover how this one simple process can radically and positively impact your life in many ways. Highly recommended.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author


WITHIN YOU lies a secret power proven to radically improve your life. All you have to do is tap into it.

This powerful remedy is journaling, and a growing body of clinical evidence confirms it can dramatically improve your life.  But before science ever caught on, world-renowned journaling expert Mari L. McCarthy PROVED the potential it holds.

In addition to reversing her debilitating MS symptoms, Mari’s journaling practice taught her to dream again. And it led her to achieve things she never imagined possible (more on this to come).

Now in her international bestselling book, Journaling Power, Mari L. McCarthy outlines a path to success anyone can follow.  With Mari’s help, you can put pen to paper and gain: 

  • More gratitude for the present while forgiving past mistakes
  • Healing from emotional wounds and traumas
  • Diminished stress and physical pain
  • Freedom from illness and other challenges
  • Improved relationships and a life with less conflict
  • And much more!

Journaling Power has received widespread acclaim, and now Mari is on a mission to empower as many people as she can to achieve these results and create the life they desire.


“If you’ve ever doubted the therapeutic and transformative benefits of journaling, you need to read Mari L. McCarthy’s, Journaling Power."

—Angela Mackintosh, WOW! Women On Writing

Respected Medical Studies Agree - Journaling Can HEAL Your Life. Literally!  Conventional medical wisdom now realizes what Mari L. McCarthy proved on her own. Journaling offers tremendous life-changing health benefits.

Among other miracles, Mari was able to ditch her cocktail of prescription medicines after beginning her journaling practice.  And she’s regained over 75 percent of the function on the right side of her body- abilities she had lost due to MS.

But if you ask Mari, the most important thing she gained was a return to her true self. The self her professional career and illness had extinguished.

As a Fortune 1000 business consultant, Mari lived an unbalanced life, focused on work and drowning in stress.  When her MS symptoms forced her to sell her business, Mari hit rock bottom.  Depressed and desperate for help, Mari began to write down her thoughts. This emotional outlet energized her, and today she’s regained the function of her mind, body, and soul.  More importantly, she broke through her self-imposed limitations and achieved extraordinary results:

  • A pain-free life without a cocktail of prescription medicines
  • Clear knowledge of who she is and what she wants from life
  • A passionate drive to fulfill suppressed dreams and talents
  • A deep understanding of what truly matters in life
  • The Courage to pursue a more fulfilling life journey
  • The ability to achieve any goal, including becoming a recording artist

Mari’s results are not uncommon, according to respected medical studies.  A review published in the British Journal of General Practice notes that:

“…Writing therapy can potentially help 30% of patients who visit primary care settings…”

And a journal review published in, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, concludes that…

“…For some people expressive writing is extremely helpful and has quickly resolved issues that have been mulled over—sometimes for years—with no resolution.”

Many U.S. studies also support these conclusions. As do the heartfelt words of those who’ve connected with Mari L. McCarthy and awaked to the healing power of journaling

"I’ve seen a number of books on journaling come and go over the decades; yours is by far the most useful and encouraging I’ve encountered!  It's a winner!

--Rebecca, Editor 


With Mari’s Expert Guidance, You Can Do This!  

“There’s only one way to journal – and it’s your way! “ - Mari L. McCarthy

Simply put pen to paper and let your natural voice flow.  Think of it as having a confidential chat with your best friend.  Proper grammar - who cares?  Sloppy handwriting ... join the club.

If you can write a shopping or to-do list—you have all the talent it takes to replicate Mari’s path and transform your life through journaling.

That’s because Mari has packed Journaling Power with timeless advice, step-by-step instruction, and exercises that provide all the tools you need to enjoy a life of physical and emotional empowerment.

"Journaling Power is a candid, beautifully-written self-help book, filled with warmth, wit and wisdom."

—Dennis Palumbo, psychotherapist and author, Writing From The Inside Out



Mari author pic.jpgMari L. McCarthy is a personal transformation guide, and the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Create Write Now!  She is the author/creator of multiple Self-Paced Courses that have had a life-changing impact on countless people around the globe.

A former Fortune 1000 business consultant, Mari began to experience the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 18 years ago, which led to the loss of function and feeling in the right side of her body.  Through journaling, she has mitigated most of her MS symptoms, and today she teaches people throughout the world how to heal, grow, and transform their lives through the holistic power of expressive writing.  Learn more about Mari here.