Quick Inspirational Journaling Videos

What You Can Achieve Expect When You Take Action EVERY DAY!

Explore this inspiring and timeless collection of videos to discover how others -- including world-renowned motivational speakers -- make journaling a priority in their lives.  You’ll find that through CONSISTENT ACTION you can reduce stress, relieve physical pain, build better relationships, and overcome limits and obstacles.

Follow in the footsteps of their success. You’ll build momentum and gain the motivation you need to #WriteOn!  Remember, all you have to do is put pen to paper.  If you have the skills to write a shopping list -- you have all the talent it takes to make journaling transform you life!


Challenges of Successful Journaling 
Overcoming obstacles to journaling progress.

Oprah's Gratitude Journal
Small steps, big impact!


Talking to Your Body Through Journaling
Joan Porte Explains Journaling for Health

Journaling to Envision a New Future
Using journaling for business success.


 Using Journaling for Organization
Using journaling for business success.

Julia Cameron on Morning Pages
The journaling movement that started it all! 

Managing Anxiety & Stress with Journaling
Journaling for Self Expression.


The Expressive Writing Method
James Pennebaker explains... 

How Tim Ferris Uses Morning Pages
The author shares his morning routine.

Journaling for Self-Discovery
From three sentences to three pages - it all works!

 Using Journaling for Health & Well-Being
Asking the write questions, finding answers.


Hollistic Health Journaling
Journaling for Self Discovery & Health.

Tony Robbins on the Power of Journaling
How Journaling Makes Your Dream Real.

 Journaling for Self Understanding
Akira Iguchi describes step-by-step methods.