Task Management Skills Benefit Life Both Personally and Professionally

    Courtney Rosenfeld August 30, 2021

    The Importance of Task Management for Small Business Owners

    By effectively managing tasks from start to finish, small businesses may increase productivity and ensure resources are used to their maximum potential. Resources include not only physical supplies and money but also available employee time. For small business owners with limited employee resources, effective task management and delegation are even more essential.

    Learn to Effectively Delegate Tasks

    It can be tempting to do everything yourself, but this sets you up for burnout. According to the Mayo Clinic, job burnout is a particular type of stress. Symptoms may include physical and mental exhaustion, a loss of personal identity, and a reduced sense of accomplishment. Appropriate task delegation helps avoid job burnout and allows you to concentrate on the most critical tasks. These skills can be applied in both business and personal settings.


    For example, let's say you want to create an LLC for your business. The legal work involved would take up a considerable amount of time unnecessarily. Instead, you could use Zen Business and save yourself hours of tedious work.

    At home, you can apply this same principle. For example, you may want to hire a professional landscaping company to mow your lawn or a company to come once a week to clean your home. By doing this, you free up several hours out of your week that you can use to focus on more important things, like enjoying downtime with your family or journaling for better clarity and mental health.

    Applications Can Assist With Task Management and Delegation

    Using helpful apps for task management and delegation makes life significantly easier. Some can handle the tasks for you almost entirely.

    Apps for Your Small Business

    You may want to use a task management app that provides additional insight into how effectively employee hours are spent. One example of an effective, affordable time management app is Week Plan. More than 8,000 small business owners use Week Plan to help with task management and delegation.

    Week Plan provides many features that make running a small business easier. These include:

    • Task calendar viewable by the whole team

    • Employee role assignment

    • Role-based task assignment

    • Whole week view

    • Day summary

    • Repeat task automation

    • Software integration (with emails, calendars, and more)

    Apps for Your Personal Life

    Task management applications aren't just for running your small business. You can also use them to help manage your personal life. Todoist is one great option for personal life management. It allows you to manage your chores and delegate tasks to other family members or household staff. You can schedule recurring bill dates and errands, and chores can also be added to your day as they arise. An excellent feature of Todoist is the ability to assign priority ratings to each task.

    Though not an app, you can also check in with Create WriteNow’s prompts to give yourself grace and facilitate self-healing. Make sure to explore Create WriteNow for many other journaling resources.

    Task management is an essential skill that can benefit both your personal life and small business. A crucial part of efficient task management is learning how to delegate tasks when possible, and using apps can make this even easier.



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