Someone to Watch Over Me

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Someone to Watch Over Me by Lucy Grace Yaldezian.jpegWhen my nephew, Alex, was five, I wanted to give him comfort and guidance in the aftermath of his parents’ divorce.  I live several states away and visits were infrequent.  I wanted not only to express my love for him in a tangible way, but also to offer him resources he could call upon in a variety of situations he might experience day to day, such as difficulties with expressing his feelings or thoughts, challenges with friendships and any sense of isolation.  I couldn’t be there in person, so I introduced him to 26 Guardian Protectors, specific Angels and Heavenly Beings who were only a thought away.  This was how Someone to Watch Over Me began almost a decade ago.

Perhaps you are the parent of such a young, sensitive child facing a life-changing challenge.  Or perhaps there is a wounded child living within the depths of your own personal history, recognizable from school-age photos, a world of hurt and confusion behind a tentative smile.  The bottom line is that all children benefit by knowing the spiritual resources available to them.  In my experience in the healing arts for the past 25 years, a spiritually resourced child is stronger, calmer, more compassionate, more successful and more resilient.

An additional word about the value of healing an inner child.  Remember that the subconscious has no sense of time.  When an inner child is offered the gift of knowing he or she can call upon Angels and other Heavenly Beings for help in a variety of situations, that child actually “grows up” with those resources in place, completely changing the landscape of the person’s subconscious and in turn, his or her whole life. Yes, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood! .

Someone to Watch Over Me introduces spirituality as a practical resource, without religious context. Children under 6 would benefit most from experiencing the book with an adult, but it is accessible for older readers to enjoy on their own.  From Aa to Zz, each letter of the alphabet is presented in the Vimala Font, followed by a Declaration for that letter, the Guardian Protector of that letter, and a question for thought or conversation.  A specific invitation and space are included for a picture of the Guardian Protector of each letter to be drawn with the non-dominant hand, of particular benefit to adults using the book for their own healing to access their inner child very directly.

In addition to its introduction to spirituality as a whole and the concept of Guardian Protectors in particular, Someone to Watch Over Me is also a celebration of The Vimala Alphabet and System of Handwriting, developed by Dr. Vimala Rodgers, an alphabetician of world renown.  On an everyday, practical level The Vimala Alphabet and System of Handwriting capitalize on handwriting as an important mind-body connection, an all-too-often ignored avenue for optimal brain and character development.  On a higher level, Dr. Rodgers’ lifework revitalizes ancient traditions of the alphabet as a spiritual path.

Someone to Watch Over Me is only available in hardcover and may be ordered from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Autographed copies may be ordered here.

Author Bio:

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Transformational Healer & Coach Lucy Grace Yaldezian has been helping adults, teens, children and businesses connect mind, body and spirit since 1992. Through her San Ramon-based practice, A Higher Perspective, Lucy offers many avenues for personal and professional excellence.

Lucy’s extensive training and experience spans medical hypnotherapy, inner child work, past-life regression, guided imagery, mindfulness, The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and The Vimala System of Handwriting. Her work integrates the best in science-based mind-body technologies with spirituality, commitment, caring and compassion.

Whether a private client comes in person or via Skype, Lucy begins by setting Sacred Space. She calls in her own Healing Guides and Angels and the Healing Guides and Angels of the client. Then throughout the session Lucy respectfully asks for guidance from the client’s Guides and Angels through dowsing. The resulting harmony of pure intention and high vibration optimizes the healing potential of Lucy’s excellent tools.

Lucy’s specialties include

  • Healing of specific fears such as flying, freeway driving, spiders/snakes/dogs/birds
  • Healing of general fears, chronic worry, rumination
  • Healing of ancestral wounds and genetic memories
  • Healing of perfectionism
  • Healing of inner child wounding
  • Healing of spiritual disconnection

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