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Protecting Your Business from Different Risks

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Sally Giles December 5, 2022

As a new business owner, everything is exciting and new. What you might not know is that there are inherent risks that come with owning a business. Failure to plan for these risks is detrimental not only to the business but to the business owner as well. Many business owners do not plan for these risks, and they become a problem further down the road. There are a lot of things you can do to protect your business, and we will look at the most important ones below.


Create a Solid Financial Plan

One of the biggest financial risks for new businesses is running out of money. Planning can help you avoid this, and it starts with having a solid financial plan. The financial plan should include how you plan on handling variable and fixed costs, expected revenue, growth, and cash flow. Doing so will allow you to plan months or years ahead, helping you avoid cash flow issues.

A solid financial plan can also be a critical tool for fundraising and financing your business through loans. Both can help you keep the business afloat until it starts making enough money to cover all expenses.


Get the Right Insurance

All businesses need the right insurance. It can help protect you and the business if you are ever sued. Business insurance can be tailored to suit your business depending on the types of risks you are likely to face. For example, getting worker’s compensation insurance is required for businesses where employees can get hurt, while general liability is crucial when anyone else gets injured.

Professional liability insurance protects you from errors and omissions, while auto insurance will protect your business vehicles. Whether you are sure about the types of insurance or not, you should talk to an insurance agent so they can help you get the best coverage. You can find a local business insurance agent here and also learn more about the different types of insurance you can get for your business.


Hire a Lawyer

Legal risks can come up in different and unexpected ways. Lawsuits are an especially serious risk, especially when the court orders a business to compensate a victim. They can also ruin the business’s reputation to a point where it never recovers. Hiring a lawyer means these issues can be handled quietly, and you can also get advice that stops these risks from becoming serious issues in the first place. Apart from risks associated with customers, a lawyer can also help you with issues stemming from other businesses. For example, a lawyer can defend you in case of IP and copyright infringement.


Protect Your Data

Data loss is a serious concern for all businesses that store any type of data, which is all businesses these days. Having the right protections in place can help stop data loss and protect you from related issues like ransomware.

Getting data breach insurance is also a good idea because the insurance company will help you deal with the cost associated with dealing with such issues.

Every business faces some risks, some that are apparent and many that are not. Proactively putting the right defenses in place will minimize these risks and minimize their damage when they manifest.


Sally Giles

Author bio: Sally Giles ran her own successful importing business for many years. She's now living the dream as a freelance writer, walking her dogs through the forest most days.