How to find yourself and realize your potential

    Emma Flores August 5, 2022

    1. Remember the time you truly felt at ease within your personal space.

    It could be any moment in your life. Maybe you were on running and were so confident in the strength of your body and where you were headed, and maybe it was the decision to start the challenge of a new job, and you were confident that deep inside you that you were ready for the job.



    2. Discuss your family dynamic with your loved ones.

    If you're still involved in drama with your siblings or allowing yourself to get treated like a child like the parents you have, or if you're incredibly annoyed when your mom offers her opinions, this could be an indication of this.

    Preparing yourself emotionally before meeting with your family members can be helpful. Make a conscious effort not to react in a knee-jerk manner to issues that cause you concern (which you've done your entire life). This could mean saying things like, "Mom, I respect your opinion; however, I'm able to express my opinion too. That doesn't mean I've abandoned you. It's just that I'm now a grown-up, I'm a grown-up, and that you've shown me how to act independently."


    3. Explore new techniques

    You're aware of what you've learned to this point in your life, and trying new experiences can allow you to connect with a part of yourself that you're not entirely familiar with. It could be as easy as taking a fitness class or exploring neighborhoods and eateries away from your regular haunts.


    4. Begin to explore places on your own

    Things are different when you're by yourself, which will allow you to tap more into the person you are as an individual. Additionally, you'll have fewer external distractions, such as conversations with your friends, meaning you're only thinking about yourself.

    For clarity, if you are prone to be surrounded by other people, you may feel uncomfortable initially when you go out for dinner or on a trip on your own. However, it is easier every time you try it and will aid you in your path to self-discovery. If you're doing this, try to put down your phone (a popular distraction tool) and be content focused on your thoughts.


    5. Find out what's most important to you.

    It's possible that you don't know the position you are on with particular issues until you force yourself to spend time considering these issues. Do this by noting your gut response to controversial issues. You can then think about these issues. What do you feel excited about? What is the thing that draws your heartstrings?

    And, of course, once you've identified your values, you can be sure that you conduct yourself in a way that reflects and respects them.


    6. Get rid of bad habits.

    Everybody has issues, and getting rid of them once and for all will aid you in aligning your life more closely with your ideals. Abrell says. It also allows people to develop grit. When you've beaten an addiction, it will make you feel more powerful and increase your self-confidence. that goes far in being confident about the person you are.

    It can also include relationships that aren't working and bad relationships. Wright stresses the importance of prioritizing your relationships with people or places and things and being willing to give up things that don't benefit you.


    7. Learn how to be mindful and practice it.

    This is another way to drown out external noise and messages. Mindfulness may seem intimidating, but simply paying attention to your breath for a minute or two is mindfulness.


    8. Let your inner critic be lost.

    It's all about taking control of your thoughts because beating yourself in your head will do nothing to help you or your journey to discovering the person you're. If you're allowing your inner critic to raise its voice and listen to it, you will be in a mode of self-sabotage.

    Your inner critic can be an amalgamation of the inputs of authorities you've learned from over time, and listening to it isn't helping you in your pursuit to become more of you. If you're trying to achieve something and come up short, you can try filling yourself up with positive affirmations such as "you've still got this" or "everybody has their moments.


    9. Be prepared for not being loved by everyone.

    It's not easy to please everyone and to place too much weight on what other people think of you is a devaluation of the persona you are. As long as you still want to be liked by everyone, you will have difficulty finding your true self. You're giving them power over you and stepping away from your authentic self.

    The desire to be loved by others is a common human trait. However, it is not a natural human emotion.


    10. Volunteer.

    Volunteering lets you try something completely new while learning to get out of yourself. While doing this, you're also developing an appreciation for the blessings you've received throughout your day. It also helps you determine your priorities and help you identify new items that matter to you. Also, it's fantastic to give back to others.


    11. Find out what sets you apart from others.

    There's only one of you. However, it's difficult to discern what makes you special while caught up in the bustle of daily life. Note an individual's actions and consider how you'd react in that scenario. If, for example, you think, "she did that, and it's interesting, but that wouldn't work for me," you should challenge yourself to take an alternative route.

    It's also possible to ask your friends to give honest opinions about your uniqueness and then ask them to elaborate on why. If they tell you that your character is "kind," for example, then ask them to describe what they've witnessed you do or what you say about yourself that makes you unique.



    The process of figuring out who you are is a process that's constantly evolving, and it's fine that you may not know everything today or shorter. However, taking steps to discover the core of your being will ensure that you're on the right track, which is becoming the most authentic version of yourself you can be.


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