How Journaling Can Shape A Child's Life

Mary Jones - Writer - Editor-in-Chief and founder of TopMyGrades
How Journaling Can Change A Child's Life - Journaling for ChildrenJournaling is such a subtle yet powerful tool to help one go in the track of self-realization.  It is one of the best mediums to have conversations with yourself.  This helps you to self-reflect and be more aware of your actions and goals.

No matter the age of the writer a thorough habit of maintaining a journal helps you keep a track of your learnings and priorities in life.  For many great writers that I know, journaling started early.  Personally to me, my journal was my compost pit.  It is very different from a dairy which maintains a chronological account of events in your life.

I am a single child of 2 overtly ambitious parents.  As a child, I was a nightmare to all the care-takers I was left with after school.  Each of them would come and leave the job in a month or two. I put all the pranks and tantrums that were possible.  To peeing on the floor mat to not eating anything in yellow or green color. (I really wish I could go back to them all and apologize, I did to the ones I found.)  This continued till a nanny of mine begged my father to engage me in something productive after school.  My father insisted I write 4 letters to each grandparent every day.  (Apparently, they wanted to know what I was up to on a regular basis. Stories parents make up, huh!)  And started my journey of Journaling.  I used to make drawings and frame odd sentences with the few words I knew.  It improved with time and so did my behavior.  I started putting more effort to make my sentences better and I started reading for that.

Today when I look back I see how changed I am as a person.  I see how well I have nurtured myself and how some habits from childhood should be taken up again.  My parents still have those letters and I am glad I have a record that I can pass onto the next generation.  The benefits I feel now because of the habit I took up accidentally as a child –

  • I am a very sorted human.
  • I know how to hold my conversations.
  • I have a clear idea of what I want out of my life.
  • It helped me vent out my frustrations and resolve my issues more systematically.

By now you have a basic idea how Journaling as a habit can shape your child’s life, don’t you? There are few tips that my parents had taken care of when I started Journaling.

  • Ask the child not to censor their writing. They should learn to open themselves up completely.
  • Writing might come easy but making that a day-to-day habit is the hard part.
  • Privacy is very important when your child is sticking to journaling. Learning happens when he/she feels safe.
  • It’s okay if they don’t feel like writing for a day. Help them to resolve the crisis they are facing and write about it the next day.

With all these points covered I should mention 4 important reasons why your child should start journaling today. Here are my points –

1. They and their children would want to do read it and know more about them –
Memories fade away and give in to the chaos of life. Most of us think that our lives aren’t as interesting to be put down in words. But the truth is our lives hold value, to us and to the people we are associated with. Times are changing so fast and so are the emotions and technologies. Ask yourself how much you remember from your childhood. Don’t you think your child would have enjoyed reading about that toffee you ate then or that feeling you had when you got your first cell phone.

And who knows your child might turn into a genius and people would pay money to know how he grew up to be what he is.

2. It will help them get back to the right senses-
They will soon be taking their own decisions, some wrong and some right. You must know of occasions you took a decision only to regret it later. Journaling allows you to put down the issue, the decision in picture and state pros-cons of the decision you want to take. This will help you later when you want to know why you went ahead with the decision you took. Simply jotting down your problems into words can help you resolve your issues faster.

3. Journals grant you immortality and health –
Imagine how many people would have just faded from the face of the earth without a proof of their existence. Your journal is your record of existence in this beautiful planet. It is known by fact that most people try making their lives more entertaining for the sake of a good entry in their journals. You see a record of your life and make the right changes if you aren’t satisfied with it.

4. It helps you reconnect with yourself, your purpose and your inner spirit –
Children are a creative and excited lot. They are hyperactive and restless by nature. But today the kids are very competitive and are engrossed in multiple activities apart from studies. Journaling can help them keep a track of what they planned to do and in what priority. When you write you want to do a certain thing at work today it makes you feel like the captain of your own life. Whereas you can also do the same job at work because you are being paid for it. Teach your child the beauty of designing his/her own day and life. This will make them feel the sense of authority. Journals help the writer to connect with himself/herself in a more intimate manner. It happens easily because you are having deep meaningful conversations with yourself.

Make your child start the habit before it is too late.  Let them choose their medium and off they go. Your child and you will both benefit from the beauty of Journaling.

Tell us about the good changes that you see in your child after they start Journaling.

Mary Jones - Writer - Editor-in-Chief and founder of TopMyGradesMary Jones

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