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    I reached out to review this new book written by Mari L McCarthy because this is exactly what I needed. I had been in such a writing funk and I just needed something that would burst through the grey clouds and bring my inspiration back. I can definitely say it did the job!

    Before I get into the review of the book, let’s get to know more about the talented Author. 

    MariHeadshotwith2BookMari L. McCarthy is the Self-Transformation Guide and Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer of She is also author of the international-bestselling, award-winning book Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live.

    Mari began journaling to relieve the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) over 20 years ago. Through journaling, Mari was able to ditch her prescription drugs and mitigate most of her MS symptoms. Now she teaches people throughout the world how to heal, grow, and transform their lives through the holistic power of therapeutic journaling.

    She lives in a gorgeous beachfront home in Boston, where she has the freedom, flexibility, and physical ability to indulge in all her passions, which include singing and recording her own albums.

    Book Summary

    Mari L. McCarthy’s international bestselling book, Journaling Power, started a movement. Now, Heal Your Self with Journaling Power is igniting a revolution!

    You’ll discover the life-changing magic of journaling through moving personal stories told by just some of the thousands of people who have tapped into the proven therapeutic power of expressive writing.

    These are people just like you, and their challenges are the same ones you have.

    heal-yourself-with-journaling-power-book-coverHeal Your Self with Journaling Power reveals the inner strength and grace that comes with living your life in the present from the inside out. It will help you transform your life and…

    ● Manifest everything your desire

    ● Fill you with uplifting positive energy

    ● Put you on a path to better health and wellness

    ● Give you the inspiration and motivation to live your best life

    ● Show you how to use journaling to solve your most pressing problems

    The only right way to journal is YOUR way. Just grab a pen and paper and do it!

    Print Length: 143 Pages

    Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help

    Publisher: Mari L. McCarthy

    ISBN-13: 9780463807361

    ASIN: B07R47JT1T

    Heal Your Self with Journaling Power is now available to purchase on Amazon.comKobo.comBarnes and Noble and also on Mari’s website (where you can get a signed copy).

    My thoughts

    I love how this book wasn’t aimed at just writers, just people who have a blog like me or have a web page, magazine or whatever. This is aimed at general people. People who could pick up a pen and a pad and start voicing whatever it is they want to voice.

    I gave up journaling a long time ago because I thought it was pointless, I would hold onto all of my emotions, the good the bad and the ugly until things became to much and I had to let it all out in the worst way. I decided to give journaling ago again once I started reading Mari’s book and I found it therapeutic to write everything down.

    I currently write in my journal once a day and just put everything in there, from things I am grateful for, things that made me happy or sad, activities I did or didn’t do. It’s definitely helped me clear a few things up and I am working on a lot of new things which is just as exciting to document.

    alannaI loved the book enough to lend it to a friend to bring him some inspiration too. I recommend it to people who are struggling to find a way to cope with their emotionsfor people who would like to start writing but don’t quite know where to start and to anyone in between. You will find a way to relate to this book and channel it into your life which is one of the main reasons I think this is great!

    Do check out Mari’s latest book and the other links in this post for the rest of the tour too. I would love to know if you have read it, heard about it or will be checking it out soon.

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