Journaling: What It's All About Alfie

A Journaler's Journey 

A Ready Writer by Dawn Herring

Keeping a journal has become a vital and integral part of my life. It began right after I met my husband Bill, a life changing event. The adventurous, multi-dimensional life we were beginning to create was worth the written word. My journal writing journey chronicled our growing relationship which eventually led to births of our two daughters, prompting me to create journals for each of them.

I used the pages in my personal journal to revel in my victories, vent my motherly angst, and define who I was becoming and who I wanted to be. Writing honestly about whatever circumstance I was in helped to reveal attitudes, emotions, and even dreams. This process became part of my routine, a practice I looked forward to. Journaling cleared the mental cobwebs and aided me in renewing my goals and life purpose.

My spiritual journey took on new dimensions as I kept a scripture lesson journal highlighting insights I received and considered worth remembering.

My journal has become a fertile place, a seed starter to grow essays,devotionals, and poetry. I often use it to plan stories and plant ideas for writing and life enhancement.

I have also used it to review events and look back to see God’s hand of provision, faithfulness, and protection. Answers to prayer have now become a written testimony, a legacy to pass on to the next generation.

I highly value my journal writing time as I use it to record and wrap up each day, giving me clearer perspective on the next step in my journey.With each entry, I record the day, date, and a.m. or p.m. for future reference. My journal gives me a place to ruminate and consider things in detail, which aids me in making better choices for myself and my family. Overall, I keep a better attitude when I’ve taken the time to record my thoughts each day. When I skip a day, I can sense when it’s missing and feel like I have catching up to do. My evening journaling relieves me of mental stress and helps me sleep better at night.

If you’re considering getting started with keeping a journal, just take itone day at a time. Keeping a written record of your struggles, of important life events, and even the smallest ideas that come to you isa healthy way of acknowledging the importance of your life. Consider it time to spend on yourself, to refresh, to live in the moment, and consider what your next step in life may be. You may find once you get started, your pen will be in the hand of a ready writer.


Dawn Herring of JournalWriter Freelance is a journalist and writer of essays, devotionals, fiction, memoir, humor, and poetry, and has kept a journal for over 20 years. She has been published in homeschooling and writing newsletters and in The Princeton Herald. Her blog address is Her email is