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Book Review: Heal Yourself with Journaling Power by Mari L. McCarthy

Spirituality & Health talks with author Mari L. McCarthy  about the inspiration of her book 
Heal Your Self With Journaling Power 

Similar to Journaling PowerHeal Your Self with Journaling Power offers comprehensive rationale regarding the benefits of therapeutic journaling. Why do you think people are reluctant to begin a journaling practice even though there are no risks or side effects to this type of therapy?

Fear is what keeps people from the page. I call it "page fright." There are many negative childhood thoughts, feelings, memories associated with writing: critical teachers, someone reading their teenage journal, lack of confidence in their writing talents that we’re still carrying around in our subconscious and we’re stuck there thinking that’s who we really are. And, keeping a journaling practice is the ultimate self-care tool and we were taught and socialized to believe that spending time on our self is so selfish. It’s a big behavior change exploring our inner world and we’re scared "to go there".

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