A Journaling Come Back

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A Journaling Comeback 2.jpgIn my life, one thing I have been able to count on is journaling.  Now I will not sit here and say I only have one journal, am dedicated each day, or that I make the time, though I can.  All of this would be untrue.  What I will tell you is, I have numerous journals of all types, scraps of paper, even a few online ones too, I use several writing utensils depending on my mood, one consistency is lighting my apple cinnamon candle.  It’s a must have for me!

So, when I journal it varies.  To top it off I may journal in a different journal each time.  What helps is that I date it no matter what type it is. It all depends on mood or whether I have a set journal, say for health, exercising, ranting, or other.

Why do I journal?  In many words, it helps me relieve stress, lets me express myself, stories come to life, questions get answered, life takes on a new meaning.  To me it is being immersed in a book so deeply, the best is knowing it is my book, just for me.

How long have I been a journaler?  Honestly, I received my first journal at age twelve.  When the Sweet Valley High books came out, they gave out a free purple journal for signing up.  I miss that journal having searched high and low to see if any still exist.

Anyway, it’s been my best friend, call it diary, journal, or even writing to a loved one, friend, even counselor/therapist.  There is no wrong way.  Though, I do recommend the dates. Still, even then, you cannot go wrong.

What do I love most about journaling?  The freedom, quiet time, “me” time.  Words come alive for me as since age three.  I have awakened each morning, gone to bed each night, living and breathing writing. Even though starting out scribbling, I could read the story I wrote to anyone who would listen.  When journaling came along it only taught me to breathe even more.

I have previously written three articles for Mari.  I have been given the option with door wide open to do so again.  What has stopped me?  Life got in the way. Though the story of Mari L. McCarthy has kept me going in hopes to do it again.  She has taught me that anyone can journal and that it Does heal physically as well as emotionally.

While no, it is not a one stop cure all.  Anyone who journals must put forth the effort, even if just writing the date, one word, one sentence.  Taking time away is not bad either, remember deep in your heart, journaling will be there when you are ready.

I dabble in making special journals as well for family, friends, anyone who wants one.  Some of my cousins, nieces, nephew have asked for multiple.  This warms my heart as they are all young!  This gives me a hope as well that I have planted a seed that will grow for a lifetime, who knows maybe even they too will pass it on.  Lastly, the sky no longer is the limit, there is way much more beyond that.  No limit at all, ever again!

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Author Bio:

Hi, my name is, Angel Fridholm.  Happily, to say I am a wife and mother of three grown young men whom I have been lucky enough to raise alongside my husband, Jon.

I am an author of a Children’s book, Renaldo saves Christmoose!  Which is written under my penname, Kassi Cantrell.  This penname also came about when I was twelves around the time I began journaling.

I have taken journaling, dream, writing, independent publishing, among other courses. While I realize I don’t need the credentials, I enjoy taking classes. One of my favorite classes currently is Masterclass-James Patterson!

Twitter: @WriterInsideMe!

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