A Book That Made me Pick Up a Pen (and Journal): A Review by Anne Janzer

    Today we have another review of Journaling Power by Anne Janzer on her website AnneJanzer.com. Not only does Anne provide a great review, but she also has some valuable information she shares. You don't want to miss it.

    Here is an excerpt from her review:

    Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. But how does one go about examining a life while still immersed in it?

    Even with the slowdown of a pandemic, our minds never seem to dial back. The constant chatter of the universe is always clamoring for our attention.

    (Dang, I just got another Clubhouse notification. Am I missing out? Should I be there?)

    The secret, for many of us, lies in a combination of writing and practice—specifically, a journaling practice. Even if you’ve tried and abandoned journaling before, I suggest you pick up Mari L. McCarthy’s book Journaling Power.

    It’s a guide to building a journaling practice into your own life. The book is both simple and powerful.

    In the “nonfiction writing” category, this book combines how-to, exposition (why-to), and story.

    How and why to keep a journal

    At its heart, it’s a how-to book. Each chapter shares prompts to get started on (or restart), your own journaling practice.

    But for most of us, the problem isn’t knowing what to do—it’s doing it.

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    Anne JanzerAuthor bio: Anne Janzer is an award-winning author, armchair cognitive science geek, nonfiction author coach, marketing practitioner, and blogger. She’s on a mission to help people spread important ideas through writing.

    As a professional writer, she has worked with more than one hundred technology companies, writing in the voice of countless brands and corporate executives. She is author of the books Get the Word Out Writing to Be Understood,  The Writer’s Process, The Workplace Writer’s Processand Subscription Marketing.

    Anne can be found at https://annejanzer.com/




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