A Book That Can Replace Your Self-Help Collection: A Review by Wendy Kipfmiller-O’Brien

    We have another stop on the WOW Blog Tour, today is a review of Journaling Power by Wendy Kipfmiller-O'Brien on the World of My Imagination website. 

    Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Here is a book that gives you a roadmap to managing your own wellness. This book could easily replace most of my self-help books. There are three things that make this book special: an open, relatable narrator, who is also the case study; excerpts and quotes from top experts in the healing benefits of writing; and easy, tried and true exercises to inspire your daily writing practice.

    Her genuine self-account on silencing her inner critic, reclaiming creativity and finding her true self is just what the reader needs to begin or move forward on a path that can be daunting. Daunting because Mari’s method of journaling is WORK. There is a commitment to writing daily. Preferably 1-3 pages, but if you’re feeling blocked, at least check in with your journal to keep you in the habit. I have at times written the date at the top and doodled. Sometimes the doodles will lead to words. There is so much magic in this daily practice!

    For those of us who have experienced trauma, there are some who feel very disconnected from ourselves, both physically and emotionally. Since I began utilizing these tools, I’m starting to actually experience my own emotions, rather than avoiding them. 

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    WENDY KIPFMILLER-O’BRIENAuthor bio: Wendy Kipfmiller-O’Brien is a creative professional, freelance graphic designer and proprietor of her own design business, www.snixysnix.com. Her journaling journey began around the age of 11, and took on many forms over the years including art journaling, poetry and collage. Along with her journaling practice, Wendy enjoys books, practicing yoga, making art, and playing with her two black labs.





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