4 Everyday Lifestyle Practices To Increase Work Productivity

Author - Carol Williams
Published - September 24, 2021

Our daily actions influence productivity at work, from your alarm going off to switching off the light to sleep.

 Many people close the workday on the negative side; not completing set tasks, an even longer to-do list for the next day, or being extremely tired.

 While some of these are related to the nature of work, we all desire to end the day with most - if not all - of items on our to-do list ticked off, a sign of a highly productive workday.

 We all want to cross our legs and relax in front of the TV after a long day, with nothing bugging us: a critical unopened mail, an overdue task, or just overlapping work stress.


There’s a way, though.

Building a solid routine and implementing it into your day is key to increasing work productivity. Also, inputting a few practices can help skyrocket your output for the day. However, if we don’t employ the methods to help us achieve this consistently, it will not happen. Sorry.

This article contains four everyday practices you can implement into your routine and lifestyle for better productivity. Keep in mind; you don’t want to do these once in a while - you must be consistent with achieving consistent results.

Are you ready?



You’re not a robot. It’s best to give your body and mind need regular breaks throughout the day to refocus and re energize. Working long hours without a break or two is dangerous for the body in the long run and will only serve to burn you out.




Your body is tired, and your mind is foggy when working at a stretch. This can lead to workplace accidents, a significant reduction in employee productivity, and low morale. Stand up and take five to fifteen-minute walks to clear your mind, stretch those muscles, and fix your posture.

Some people prefer to vape during a break to help clear their minds and relax while taking a walk or break. There are various fantastic vape flavors to try out, like the banana cream vape flavor, chocolate peppermint, and even watermelon. Take your pick from this vape flavors collection as a worthy companion on your journey to prime productivity.



A to-do list allows you to have actionable goals for the day. Without one, you head into your day with no clear sense of direction, unorganized, scattered, with a sense of what you should be doing but no map on how to go about it or what exactly to do.

This is precisely how most people begin their day.

Setting your intention and tone for the day with a list helps you avoid all of the above, providing you with focus and direction for the rest of the day. Psychology studies and research proves people perform better when starting the day out with a list of things to do before it ends.




But how do you effectively control the narrative daily and implement an effective to-do list? Fret not. We have a few tips for you:

● Start with your Most Important Tasks (MIT): These are the tasks you need to get done. The MIT should go at the very top of your list, as they are high-priority items, an automatic reminder every time you look at them.

● Go over your list during the day randomly to veer yourself right. Don’t go off-track.

● Don’t write unrealistic goals on your list. It will have you with one more box unticked at the end of the day, and that doesn’t help. Write only things you know you can do.



The importance of eating right can is never overemphasized. Poor nutrition harms productivity and results in a lowered ability to focus and perform optimally. Good food translates to good health, which means a healthy mind and a healthy body.




Here are some tips on eating right for optimal productivity:

Always take breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, in a rush to commute to work, breakfast is often overlooked, and this affects performance at work since the brain

needs glucose and carbohydrates to achieve the high energy level required for it to work.

Stay hydrated. Drink water. Your body needs a lot of water to perform well throughout the day. Having as little as a 2% deficit in water levels can impede your performance. Keep a bottle of water close to you at all times to stay mentally and physically alert throughout the day.

Light snacking. To keep your blood sugar levels balanced and maintain a good energy level throughout the day, take healthy snacks every 3-4 hours.



Last on this list, and not the least: wake up early.

It’s one of the habits of highly successful people. It gives you ample time before others wake to prepare and subsequently take charge of the rest of the day. Doing a few essential things in the morning will help you stay motivated the rest of the day.

Set an early alarm, be consistent with your wake-up time, and never hit snooze! Do these, and you will be in charge of your day, mentally alert and ticking items off that to-do list like it’s nothing.


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Carol Williams


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