Video: Sharon Netzley Shares Her One-on-One Journaling Experience with Mari

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - Jan 18, 2017 3:40:00 PM

Heal. Grow. Transform your Self! Are you interested in working one-on-one with Mari L. McCarthy? Sharon Netzley shares her experience with us, describing the process and why she recommends Mari as a Journaling guru. Sharon started journaling on her own by working with Mari's workbooks. Once she realized that she could work with Mari one-on-one, she decided to take the dive. She praises Mari's empathy and compassion, and says she's very insightful. "She knows the right questions to ask to guide you to your own answers," says Sharon. Mari helped Sharon articulate the thoughts that she was trying to put into her journal. "I can't recommend her enough," she says.

Here is the video transcript:

Hi, my name is Sharon and uh, I have, uh, worked with Mary Mccarthy on using my journal, a using journaling for, for, um, for basically health and wellbeing. Um, and, uh, I just wanted to share with you some of my experiences of working with our class. Started out working with her, uh, her course books are workbooks, journaling workbooks and really got a lot out of that working on my own and because of that experience and because of, of um, mary making herself available via text messaging and, and facebook and such. Um, I, I, uh, thought it would be a good idea to work with her one on one. So I'm. So we set that up. And the, the, the thing that comes to mind about my, my, my, one on one sessions with Mary is, is how much, um, um, empathy and compassion she brings to the conversation.

Mary is very intuitive as you go through a conversation. It's like she, she knows the right questions to ask to kind of guide you to your own answers. Um, which is of course were the answers always come from. They always come from inside us. Um, the meaningful ones anyway, and Oh, as our conversation went along, it was Mary would come up with this just juicy little question. Um, uh, a prompt that would, that, that would help me verbalize what I'd been trying to work through in my journal and we came to some, some pretty profound realizations through that session, or I should say I did a, um, with Mary's Mary's excellent facilitation. Um, uh, one of which I still live by, which is my, my, um, my no rules, no rules, journal of thought. I hate it when people tell me what I have to do.

And, and, and that's even, um, even down to having lines age, I never can stay in the lines. So, um, it's kind of like that with life too for me. And um, so I have to, you know, make my own rules within societies rules. And one of those things is a, my no rules journal. So I always work with a blank pages now because I can write however I want to or draw however I want to and ask questions and get answers and I didn't know I could actually do that until I worked with Mary, which was pretty profound in itself. So if you're considering working with Mary one-on-one on your journaling practice, I'm using your journal to help you make decisions or, or, um, uh, improve your health. I can't recommend her highly enough. I got a lot out of it. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and I'm sure that she can help facilitate you along whatever, uh, whatever path you're on. Thanks.

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