8 Transformative Journaling Prompts to Unlock Your Business Potential

Author - Carol Brennan
Published - April 18, 2024


As a business owner you have to juggle many tasks, so it’s not surprising that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health issues.

There is significant evidence to suggest that journaling lowers stress levels. Indeed, many famous entrepreneurs from Tim Ferris to Oprah extol the benefits of journaling. 

Journaling helps you plan, devise creative strategies, and reflect on your day and actions, which means you can make better decisions and release stress.

But what on earth do you write about?

As an entrepreneur myself and also as a journaling coach, here are eight of the best prompts my clients and I enjoy using:

1.  What am I celebrating this week?
In my weekly CEO dates that I have with myself, where I review the week and make plans for the week ahead, this is one of the first questions I ask myself. 

The law of attraction states that positive attracts positive. Or in other words, what we focus on multiplies.

Some weeks I’m challenged to come up with things to celebrate. But I always manage to find something, even if it is that I got through this week!
2.  What’s working well and why?

I was recently introduced to the working well prompts by a mentor. I immediately added them to my daily review. They have made a big difference to how I view situations.

It’s easy to name what’s working well in your business. But knowing the reason why can be more challenging. However, it’s worth digging deep to find it, so you can replicate that strategy and do more of it. 

For example, one thing that has always worked well for me is having a routine, because it gets me to be more intentional about my time. Knowing this information, I can explore other ways of being intentional about my time.

3.  What’s not working well and why?

 Just as useful is knowing what’s not working well and why.

The why is the important bit. It’s all very well knowing what’s not working, but the why is the key to correcting it and getting it or something else to work. Otherwise you’ll be running around in circles. 

When a launch failed last year, asking myself why it failed (in this case offering it free to people I didn’t know) allowed me to change this. I decided to offer it to people on my email list the next time I did it.
4.  What progress did I make towards my goals this week?

At the beginning of the year and month, you will have likely made goals. But in the day-to-day running of your business, it’s easy to forget these priorities, and get swept away with procrastination and other projects.

This happened to me last year. I started with a plan to finish my Certified Journal Facilitator Qualification and get some writing published. I knew that if I achieved that I would really feel as if I’d made progress in my business and life.

But the year ended and I hadn’t achieved these goals, and not only that, but had barely worked on them. 

This year I’ve been visualizing my goals and writing about achieving them daily to keep them front-of-mind. I’ve been working on these goals this month. Now I have programs in place to finish the practical portion of my certification. I’ve also had a guest post published.

Revisit your goals often and note what progress you’re making on them to keep you on track.
5.  How did I take care of myself this week?
A big part of running a business is self-care. You are the face of your business. If you’re burned-out your business will suffer. So, make sure you do some self-care every day.

Pick some activities that resonate with you. I have a routine to set me up for success in the morning that includes journaling, meditation and reading. I also try to get out to several classes each week and go for a walk when it’s dry. 

6.  What does my inner mentor have to tell me today?

The inner mentor is the you you’ve always wanted to be. The version of you who has already achieved your goals.

I believe we all know our own answers. Having a dialogue with our inner mentor is a wonderful way to access this.

Don’t be worried that you’re making it up. Of course you are! But it’s coming from that creative right brain.

My clients and I have had great results with out-of-the-box ideas that come from this prompt, including successful working holidays, hiring VAs, and a sell-out mastermind.

7.  If this worked out the way I wanted it to, what would that look like?
Every day I will write out what it would look like to accomplish my goals, otherwise called scripting. I write about having achieved my goals in the past tense, as if it has already happened.

Recently I did some scripting while I was launching a program and had applied to teach a writing class. My proposal to teach the writing class was accepted. Not only that, I got so many people for my beta program that I had to introduce another group.

I’m not saying that this happened as a result of the journaling I did, but writing about it in a positive way helped me be open to receive good.
8.  What am I looking forward to?

This is one of my favorites, especially when I am going through difficult times. This prompt helps to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had one of my clients do this exercise when she was contemplating a house move that she didn’t really want to do. It completely shifted her perspective.

Now she has embraced the move. She’s living her best life with the countryside, mountains, and sea on her doorstep. She’s also making new friends and having fulfilling experiences.

Journaling is a great stress-buster for entrepreneurs. These prompts will help you be more productive and make better decisions.

Do you have a favorite business journaling prompt?


Carol Brennan

Carol Brennan is an experienced journaling coach and facilitator, writer, and advocate for personal growth. With a passion for helping female entrepreneurs unlock their full potential, Carol has created a transformative journaling experience, Reclaim Your Sanity. Through this free journal, you'll gain the tools to navigate challenges with ease, boost productivity, and unlock your full potential. Join Carol on a journey of self-discovery and business success.

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