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Reviews for previous Challenges:

Dear Mari,

I have kept a journal since I can remember. This very focused 27 day journaling course is more profound than 40 years of journal keeping! And I'm only on Day 9.

~ Karen Joyce Williams Writer/Author

"I can’t wait to get started on this!  It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. There's just too much going on right now.  I’ve journaled off and on, but this is just what I need to get me motivated to take real advantage of journaling benefits in a short time (27 days!) and beyond!  Thanks, Mari."

~ Linda
Copy Writer/Editor


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The 24 Days Whole Health Journaling Challenge eWorkbook

The 24 Days Whole Health Journaling Challenge eWorkbook empowers you to take ownership of your health every day: getting back in touch with your body, mind and spirit and paying attention to what they tell you.  Now is your chance to begin a habit that will last a lifetime.

In this 24-day Journaling Challenge, you will:

  • Practice being mindful and present in your everyday health choices – from eating and fitness to sleep and play
  • Set personal goals for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Explore your habits and the way they help or hinder the life you want to lead
  • Create strategies to become more resilient when dealing with stress, shame, injury or other challenges
  • Focus on fostering supportive relationships, letting go of past setbacks and taking steps toward long-term positive changes 
Are you ready to journal your way to whole health?  Let’s get started!

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