12 Days of Morning Pages: How to Start a Life-Changing Practice

Like a proper diet, Julia Cameron's Morning Pages are a key component of your healthy lifestyle.

This 12-day course gets you started with ease. 

From the Introduction:

We are in a continuous struggle against worries, fears, doubts and other distractions that clutter our minds and block our creativity. We obsess over the lukewarm performance review at work. We give into our own negative self-talk. We stress over the messy house and the bills that need to be paid. Morning Pages give us a release for these thoughts – they provide a necessary “brain dump” that allows us to clear out the bad and make room for the good.

The value of your Morning Pages cannot be overstated.

[Note: The course is self-guided, so you can register at anytime.] 

Review by Nathan Ohren:

"Mari, great course! This brought back so much of what I loved about Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. I really loved the exercises. The ones about my Inner Critic, and also about acknowledging the mentors of my childhood were THE BEST. I was sad when I got to the end, but I appreciated the way you kept me marching forward on my own! Thank you, thank you!"